Changing the lock screen on your Android device

Do you have an Android Smartphone and have not done something unique or special on your Lock screen? Whenever someone looks at your mobile, the first thing they see is the lock screen. From that, they guess how unique your style is and how creative you are. After reading the whole article, you will be able to easily change the lock screen of your Android device to something like above or totally different.

You can change the looks of your lock screen easily without rooting your device. All you have to do is install some apps and then some themes and add those to your screen.

Below are 6 recommended apps that you must try. All are tested and working.. Read the descriptions of the apps here @CodingSec. So, let’s begin our list for the Top 6 Apps which can change the look of your lock screen completely.

#1 CM Locker

This is a very customizable app which can show many different things on the lock screen of your device. You can turn ON and OFF Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth from lock screen itself. You can also Play music and read weather reports from the lock screen. Best part of CM Locker is that you can also add shortcuts of your favourite apps to the lock screen. Download CM Locker here.


#2 Locket Lock Screen (Read News Headlines in Lockscreen)

This is the best app if you want to always get in touch with the latest news around the world from the lock screen. Everytime you click on the Power button, you see some new news on your lock screen. Download locker from here.


#3 Go Locker (Awesome themes on your Lockscreen)

If you want to customize your Lock screen according to yourself, or want to add a totally different and unique theme for your screen then this App is for you. You can download different themes free of cost and the design of your device in seconds. I personally prefer Go Locker and the image which shows the time of 2:28AM is the screenshot of my device ,see how awesome it looks. Download Go Locker by clicking here.


#4 Next Lock Screen (Make your Android Lock screen smarter)

This app is created by MICROSOFT and helps you to make your Android Lock screen look prettier and smarter. You can directly read all the notifications from the Lock screen and clear them using a swipe. It’s very easy to use and also gives a pro look to your Device. You can also change the default wallpaper of this app. Download Next Lock Screen here.

Next Lock Screen

#5 Alarm Anti-Theft Screen Lock

This app helps secure your. Your pattern lock remains the same but when someone else tries to unlock your device with an incorrect pattern, then your phone will start ringing at full volume. Download Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock here.


#6 DIY Locker (Photo Lock Patter)

Have you got bored from the same look of the lock pattern? Then try this awesome app which can change the simple,boring Pattern lock to something amazing. You can use your images as a pattern lock and take your Pattern lock at a whole new level. You can create your own styles of lock screen as this app is very customizable. Download DIY locker here.


Comment below, which app do you think is the best and visit TechnewsNation for more How to’s and latest articles in Technology. Also don’t forget to share this awesome post with your friends.


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