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How To Download SoundCloud Songs for Free.


Tech News Nation readers! As many of you are already familiar with the fact that we frequently write how-to tips, we keep on getting user requests. Today, we are here with another how-to post requested by one of our readers on our Facebook page. Tech News Nation

SoundCloud is one of the best places on internet to listen music and enjoy it. Hundreds and thousands of people use SoundCloud every day and it helps the users to upload, promote and share the music. If you’re a registered user (it’s free!), you can stream unlimited music and sooth your senses. But what if you like a song and wish to download it? SoundCloud allows streaming and share, but it doesn’t allow songs download.

Here we are going to describe a simple and efficient way to download SoundCloud songs. There are some good online downloaders that will do this trick. One such website is and it does the job with ease. The sound quality you get is pretty good and you also have an option to add its extension to your browser.

Follow the simple steps below and download SoundCloud songs:

Step 1:

Find the song you want to download and the copy the URL of that song. You can also copy the link location by right clicking on it. Here I am downloading Furious 7‘s soundtrack See You Again using


Step 2:

Now go to and paste the URL in the download box. Now click on Download button to download SoundCloud songs.


Step 3:

Now you will find three buttons: you can directly download your music from there, and if the download button doesn’t work, right-click and select “Save link As” to download SoundCloud songs.

You can also add the Google Chrome extension from here.


I hope that you will find this tool to download SoundCloud songs helpful. Share your experiences in the comments section below.

Add this extension to your Chrome browser from the link given below:

SoundCloud Downloader

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How To Save Instagram Photos To Your Mobile And Desktop.


Just like WhatsApp, Instagram’s acquisition was one of the most wise decisions made by Facebook. Instagram is one of most used photgraphy apps and I know it’s one your favorite apps for photo sharing. Based on a user request, today I’m sharing something related to Intagram and how to use it to the fullest.

There are different method of saving the Instagram images on different devices, so today I am going to show you the best way of getting these photo saved in high quality. I’ll be breaking the tutorial in three parts. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Save Instagram photos while uploading (Mobile)

To save your Instagram photos during the upload, you have to follow some pretty simple steps. Open Instagram app on your device and go to app settings by clicking on the hamburger symbol located at top right corner. Now find and enable Save Original Photos option. This will automatically save a copy of the image you upload on Instagram from next time.


2. Save Instagram photos without uploading (Mobile)

As most of us already know that the quality of photos taken and uploaded on Instagram are quite good, but what if you just want to click a picture, edit it using Instagram filters and keep it in the device. Instagram does not offer any direct method to save the clicked images to your device. So here is the method to save the picture without uploading:

  • To save the photos without uploading first you need to make sure that you have enabled the Save Original Photos option as mentioned above.
  • Now take the photo you wish to save in your device without uploading, and apply the filters to enhance the quality.
  • Now go to the control center and turn Airplane mode on.
  • Now return to the Instagram app and tap on the right tick symbol in order to upload the photo. The upload will obviously fail, but your photo will be saved to your device which you can access from your
    • 3. Save Instagram photos in your desktop

      Saving your Instagram photos in your desktop is a little tricky process for those who don’t know about inspect element. Although it’s not very difficult and you can of-course snip the photo easily, but that will reduce the quality of your image. So here is the method to save the Instagram photo in your desktop without reducing its quality:

    • Right click on the photo you want to save and then click on Inspect element.                                                    instagram-picture-save
    • This will bring a sidebar with some HTML code. Copy the code which is highlighted as blue, it will be enclosed in the src attribute.
    • instagram-inspect-element
    • Paste the URL in a tab and delete everything except the image code. Which starts with “https://” and end with “.jpg” and press enter
    • Your picture will be appeard that tab, right click and save it.instagram-photo-savingShare this article with your friends if they are having problems with saving Instagram photos in their devices.

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Some 11 Species-Bending Animals You Never Knew Existed.

The animal world is filled with funny-looking combinations of creatures that most people have no idea about. While these animals might not be actual genetic crossbreeds – they certainly look like it! Here’s the list that will let you impress your friends with your unusual knowledge of fauna:

1. Anteater + armadillo = pangolin


This mammal, which resembles the armadillo (no relation) gets its name  from the Malay word “pengguling”, meaning “something that rolls up”. It is native to tropical parts of Africa and Asia. Pangolins are covered in large keratin scales for protection – the only mammal with such a feature. Pangolins are nocturnal, live in trees and live on a diet of ants and termites.

2. Turtle + hedgehog = armadillo


Armadillos, with their leathery armor shells, live in underground burrows and are known to sleep up to 16 hours a day. They are native to South America, and only reached other parts of the Western Hemisphere in relatively modern times.

3. Bat + fox = fruit bat


Unlike the common bat, this species does not use radar to get its bearings, but rather relies on its large eyes and nose – which explain their mammal-like faces. Their diet of fruit is theorized scientifically as an adaptation to regions and periods when insect populations were diminished.

4. Hoop snake + lizard = armadillo girdled lizard


5. Duck + beaver = platypus


The aquatic, egg-laying platypus has a duck-like and a beaver’s tail. It also has otter-like feet and a venomous touch. It is considered an important subject of study in the field of evolutionary biology and is symbol of pride in Australia, its native habitat.

6. Giraffe + zebra = okapi


The okapi, an endangered species, is native to the Ituri Rainforest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It bears zebra-like striped markings but is actually related to the giraffe.

7. Prairie dog + armadillo = pichiciego


The Argentinean creature, also known as the “Pink Fairy Armadillo” is adapted to desert life and is highly endangered. Its strange appearance includes silky yellowish white fur, a flexible shell and a spatula-shaped tail.

8. Deer + mouse = chevrotain


The chevrotain  (French for “little goat”) or Mouse-Deer is the world’s smallest hoofed mammal. It is native to southern Asia.

9. Goat + elephant = saiga


The highly-endangered saiga (a kind of antelope) population once spread from the Carpathian Mountains to China and North America but are now only found in Russia and Kazakhstan.  The saiga’s unique snout helps filter out dust kicked up by its herd in the summer. In the winter, it heats up the frigid air before it is taken to the lungs. Saigas have traditionally been an important food source for nomadic people in the regions of the Eurasian steppes and Mongolia.

10. Hamster with a pig = Honduran white bat


This cuter cousin of the common bat has white fur and a yellow nose and ears.

11. Pig + squid = piglet squid


This rarely-seen creature lives deep underwater and have no relation whatsoever to the pig.

BlackBerry Venice caught in wild: A QWERTY-lover’s Android dream.

BlackBerry Venice caught in wild: A QWERTY-lover’s Android dream

Do you still want a QWERTY slider?

BlackBerry’s Venice slider smartphone has been caught in the wild, with the handset proudly flaunting its Android software. The images, shared on Vietnamese site Tinhte, show the traditional – and much-loved – physical keyboard, as well as what’s said to be a 5.4-inch touchscreen display that can slide down to cover it for a more pocket-friendly phone.

Renders of the QWERTY-slider leaked last month, along with speculation that the smartphone would feature curved displays on the sides in the vein of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge+.

However these new, live images would seem to contradict that suggestion. While the cover glass does curve around, the display itself looks to be flat.


Other specifications include an 18-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and a dual-LED flash, with the front said to bear a 5-megapixel camera for selfies.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 chipset – as inside the LG G4 is believed to be powering Android 5.x Lollipop, along with 3GB of memory. Internal storage is unclear, but there’s a microSD slot alongside the SIM slot on the top edge of the phone.

The display itself is tipped to be QHD resolution. While at 5.4-inches it’s not the biggest screen in the Android world, users of Google’s OS who prefer physical keyboards have been sorely neglected, and it’s possible that the combination of BlackBerry’s well-esteemed hardware layout and the flexibility of Android could make the Venice a surprise winner.

If all goes to (rumored) plan, the BlackBerry Venice will hit carriers in November.

VIA HotHardware

Crazy Things Doctors Have Found Inside People’s Bodies.

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals often find surprising things inside human bodies. Whether the person has intentionally inserted something inside themselves or they have had the misfortune to accidentally lodge an item within their bodies without knowing, having a foreign object within your body can be a very dangerous situation. The item can cause infections, alter the chemical balance or cause other health problems. This means that doctors will often have to rush to get the object out as soon as possible, often with the help of surgery.

Medical Instruments

You would hope that surgeons and all those involved in dangerous medical procedures would be incredibly meticulous, taking extreme care of all of the tools and ensuring that they don’t leave anything behind when they are done. Unfortunately, it is not an entirely unheard of for surgeons to leave some of their instruments in patients following surgery. In the case of 57-year-old Daryoush Mazarei, she had a pair of 10-inch tweezers in her abdomen that were causing significant pain. They were removed and surgeons managed to not leave anything else inside her.

Live Frogs

Yang Dincai has long extolled the virtues of eating live animals. The man from southeast China has been swallowing small frogs and rats for more than 40 years and has persuaded many others to do the same to solve a variety of health problems. When Jiang Musheng came to him to discuss his stomach pains, Dingcai almost immediately suggested that the man eat live tree frogs, something he did after seeing Dingcai swallow one whole. This left doctors confused when they later discovered the frogs during a routine scan.

Rusty Knife

Li Fuyan spent 3 years of his unknowingly carrying around a 4-inch knife in his head. During a robbery, he had attempted to stop the criminal and was stabbed through his throat during the ensuing scuffle. Afterwards, Li believed that the robber must have taken the knife with him and only complained about some bleedings in his throat or occasional problems with swallowing. When he eventually went to hospital, doctors found the blade in his head. It had luckily missed major arteries and nerves and not caused any significant damage to the surrounding tissue.

Plastic Fork

John Manley had been suffering from a constant cough and worsening breathing problems for months before he finally decided to go to hospitals. He explained to doctors how he had even passed out in public due to his coughing fits, leading to doctors rushing an x-ray of his chest as they feared he may have lung cancer or other serious lung problems. The scan showed what appeared to be a growth but when it was surgically removed it turned out to be a piece of plastic fork that had been swallowed from a fast food outlet.

Buzz Lightyear

arents constantly have to watch out for what their children are putting in their mouths, simply because of the fact that they don’t know how dangerous eating non-edible items can be. Youngsters will often try to swallow all sorts of items. Toys are a common item of choice for kids and one actually managed to swallow a rather large Buzz Lightyear figure from Toy Story that had to be surgically removed.


Margaret Daalman had to go to hospital and have surgery to remove a collection of forks and spoons from her stomach, digestive system and throat after the Netherlands woman had swallowed them. Eating strange items isn’t a particularly rare event. In Fact, one neurological disorder known as pica can be very common in women and can occur due to chemical imbalances or an iron deficiency. It generally causes the sufferer to eat substances that are not nutritious and not really edible.

Coke Bottle

uring a burglary, a 60-year-old man claimed that he was sexually abused by the men who had entered his home. A few days later he went to hospital complaining of intense pain in his abdomen and constipation. Doctors scanned the elderly victim and found that he had a full sized coke bottle inside his colon that was entirely intact that required specialist equipment to remove. The man believes that the burglars must have inserted the bottle during the ordeal.

Live Grenade

Private Channing Moss was on patrol in the Paktika Province in Afghanistan when Taliban fighters ambushed him along with his fellow soldiers. They fired several rocket-propelled grenades at the troops and one stuck Moss in the abdomen. While this would usually be fatal for the victim and anyone around him, the grenade did not explode for some reason leaving Moss with a live explosive device in his stomach. He was then taken to an army hospital where surgeons and bomb disposal experts managed to remove the grenade safely.

Prison Supplies

Prisoners will often attempt to smuggle items into prison as they know that they might be able to trade valuable goods with other inmates or take in substances that wouldn’t otherwise be available. The types of items will usually be a cell phone or some drugs. One man in Florida though went to extremes by hiding pills, cigarettes, matches, flint, lip balm, condoms and even a syringe in his rectum. Officials found the contraband in his body after they noticed him walking strangely and complaining of pain.

Donny Osmond Poster

his particular health issue became something of a viral hit in England after it turned up on the BBC program Bizarre ER. In it, the woman had went to the hospital as she was experiencing severe pain in her pelvic area and genitals. Fearing that she may have an infection or a foreign object stuck inside her, doctors examined the woman and found that she had a large rolled-up poster of Donny Osmond inserted inside her for unknown reasons.


Arguments between couples can lead to plenty of problems. Heated words might get said that they later regret, personal belongings might get destroyed or a loved one may do something very stupid. This happened to one woman from China when she attempted to get her partner to listen to her by eating a collection of 20 small stones. After spending several days in intense pain and failing to excrete any of the stones naturally, she went to hospital where surgeons removed every stone from her digestive system.

Sex Toy

A woman in Scotland entered a hospital complaining of trouble with urinating as well as a burning sensation in her genitals. Upon closer inspection, a doctor found that the woman had a sex toy lodged in her vagina and that it was likely the cause of all of the problems. Shockingly, the sex toy had been there for 10 years after the woman admitted the last time she had used one was with her husband after a drunken night out a decade earlier.


Hairballs are common in animals such as cats as they eat off floors and accumulate hair, dust and fluff from cleaning themselves and from the food they consume. It’s far rarer for humans to suffer from hairballs but that is exactly what happened in Chicago when an 18-year-old woman visited her local hospital complaining of stomach pains. Scans showed an extensive mass in her stomach and she was taken straight to surgery. Doctors then discovered that the growth was in fact a 10-pound hairball. It turns out that the woman had a habit of chewing her own hair, leading to the strange health problem.


ail guns can be dangerous tools if used by someone who is not properly trained. But even in the right hands they can still prove to be problematic to handle as Dante Autullo found out. While carrying out some building work, he accidentally discharged the gun and fired a nail straight at his head. With no obvious wound, everyone simply assumed that the nail had missed — but after 36 hours he was suffering from severe headaches and so visited hospital. Doctors found a 3-inch nail lodged in his brain.


Ask almost any doctor or nurse what is the strangest thing they have ever removed from a person and there is a good chance it will be an odd item that has been lodged in someone’s rectum. It’s something of a common occurrence for medical professionals and its takes a lot for them to consider a case all that crazy. One that did, though, was the case of a person who went to A&E to report pain in his rectum. Upon examination, it became clear that he had inserted a rather larger vibrator inside himself before trying to retrieve it with salad tongs and other smaller items.

Live Shell

What do you do if you have very bad hemorrhoids but don’t want to get treatment or go to the hospital. If you are a World War Two veteran you might just use a live shell to shove the hemorrhoids back in, a procedure that most doctors wouldn’t recommend. However, one time didn’t go exactly as planned and the veteran managed to get the shell stuck in his rectum. What made the matter all the more scary was the fact the former soldier didn’t inform the doctors that the shell was live and could explode, leaving them with little choice but to bring in the bomb squad.

Baby Squid

A 63-year-old South Korean woman had to go to hospital after eating squid when she experienced sharp pain in her mouth. When doctors examined the mouth, they found tiny squid-like creatures buried in her tongue and cheek. They later discovered that they were cephalopods that had been released by the squid she had eaten when it wasn’t completely dead, meaning the woman was essentially the host for the organisms. This case wasn’t unique, as similar problems have affected people eating raw sea food in the past, though it is something that is almost exclusive to Asia where fish and squid is routinely eaten intact and uncooked.


Some couples like to experiment in the bedroom to help liven up their sex lives. This particular couple probably went a little bit too far though as it required extensive hospital treatment and surgery to solve the problems they caused. During one night, a 20-year-old male allowed his boyfriend to pour liquid concrete into his rectum using a funnel. The mixture has then hardened, causing a good deal of pain as it set in his colon.


When Rosemary Alvarez arrived at hospital she was taken almost immediately to the emergency room for immediate surgery. This was because the doctors realized that her symptoms, head pain and neurological problems, indicated that she may have a brain tumor. While carrying out the emergency surgery, the medical personnel discovered that her issues were not being caused by a growth but a large tapeworm that had made its way to the brain after being ingesting contaminated food.

A Fetus

anju Bhagat from Nagpur, India had suffered from a huge growth in his stomach his entire life. He and his family had no idea what was wrong with him and Bhagat simply went about his life without worrying too much about the issue. However, when he was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties doctors believed that the stomach issue was likely the cause and thought the only explanation could be a large tumor. They were wrong though, as they found that the growth was in fact a fully formed fetus that Bhagat had absorbed while he was in the womb.

This World View Balloon Could Take You to The Edge of Space.

world-view-balloonThe World View Enterprises, Inc seems to have brought an answer to your wishes. The Arizona-based company is offering you the curvature of the Earth at the backdrop of the blackness of space in a 5 hour joy ride in its proprietary high-altitude balloons. All this at the height of 100,000 feet. Keep calm.

I wish I were an astronaut so I could float in space and see this beautiful blue sphere in the utter darkness, as the people from ISS describe itI used to dream that and if you too, then the wish has come true. You don’t need to be an astronaut or go through a rigorous training to adapt your body for this specific near-space journey.

World View Enterprises, Inc is a new player in the near space tourism industry and plans to take people in the realm of space by the end of 2016. The company will use its proprietary high-altitude balloons to float private passengers up to 20 miles or 32 kilometers above the Earth.

he Arizona-based company offers the curvature of the Earth at the backdrop of the blackness of space in a 5-hour joy ride. Inside the space-rated capsule, you could enjoy once in a lifetime view with your friends and family. There would be six voyagers (passengers) and two crew members inside the capsule.


Once at the edge of the Earth, you could sail along the frontiers of space and gaze upon the unfathomable picturesque for hours.

The World View’s near space tour looks more exciting than the other orbital and rocket-based options because of the immense time it gives you to stay and enjoy the near-space region while costing you much less than other proposed space programs. The World View offers the cheapest space ride for $75,000.

Does this World View balloon intrigue you? Tell us in the comments below.

Kaspersky Antivirus Made Fake Malware for More Than 10 Years – Ex-employees


Two former employees of the security firm Kaspersky labs have told Reuters that the Russian company made fake malware for more than 10 years to gain advantage over its rivals. According to the report, Kaspersky took this step as it believed that other antivirus companies were stealing its technology.

Founded in the year 1997, Kaspersky Antivirus has become one of the most popular antivirus solutions available. The Russian security firm operates in more than 200 countries and is a respected name. But, according to a report by Reuters, Kaspersky Labs made fake malware for more than 10 years to gain an advantage over other antivirus software solutions. Thus, one of the largest security companies in the world tried to damage its rivals in the market by tricking them into classifying harmless files as malicious.

According the Reuters, two ex-employees told that Kaspersky took this step as it felt that its “smaller” rivals were stealing some technology. They said that the secret campaign targeted Avast, AVG, Microsoft and other rivals. The employees claim that some attacks were ordered by co-founder Eugene Kaspersky himself.

This fake malware fooled them into disabling and deleting important files of users’ PCs. This was done by distorting the important software files on PCs to make it look it like malware and then submitting it to Google’s VirusTotal malware aggregator. These databases are looked up by antivirus solutions to keep up their software up to date. Thus, Kaspersky tricked rivals into identifying important software files as a virus.

Denying such decade-long secret campaigns, the company told Reuters:

Our company has never conducted any secret campaign to trick competitors into generating false positives to damage their market standing. Such actions are unethical, dishonest and their legality is at least questionable.

According to the employees, researchers at Kaspersky Labs reverse engineered rival software to produce false positives. As these files looked similar to the originals, Kaspersky was able to trick rivals into identifying important software as malware. Kaspersky researchers produced false positives and uploaded the harmless files to VirusTotal to show how rivals blindly follow its lead. This was confirmed by the fact that within a week and a half, 14 security companies declared Kaspersky’s false positives as dangerous.

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World’s Oldest Known Message In A Bottle Found After 108 Years

World's Oldest Known Message In A Bottle Found After 108 Years

German couple discovers world’s oldest message that was locked in a bottle for around 108 years!

As a part of the marine research program, the bottle was thrown into North Sea a century ago and surprisingly it has reached its destination after about a century.

Last week, CBC News reported that, in April this year, a German couple had discovered some postcard locked in a bottle which had washed up on the beach of Amrum Island.

Retired postal worker, Marianne Winkler, found the bottle on the shores and though most of the times the letters locked in such bottles are known to have some romantic messages, this one however did not have any romance in it. Instead, it was a part of some ancient marine experiment.

Marianne and her husband, were on a vacation at the North Sea Island and had no idea that this message would turn out to be nearly 108 years old!

Inside the bottle, there was a postcard which clearly said “Break the Bottle” and hence she finally decided to break it open to get the message out.

The postcard instructed the receiver that it needs to be sent across to the Marine Biological Association (MBA), Plymouth, U.K.; the couple followed the instructions and did sent this postcard to its destination.

The MBA, too, has confirmed that the bottle was tossed into the North Sea during early 20th Century, between 1904 and 1906 and it was part of some marine expedition carried out by the then researcher George Parker Bidder, who later became president of the MBA.

On Friday, Guy Baker, spokesman for MBA told CBC News: “We were very excited. We certainly weren’t expecting to receive any more of the postcards.”

Baker also gave a statement that Bidder had released some 1000 bottles into the North Sea, a century ago, with an aim of testing the North Sea’s Ocean currents as a part of his marine research program. He also said this particular message definitely belongs to that group of expedition.

Baker further explained that Bidder had created the bottles in such a manner that they were to stay afloat against the deep sea currents. Inside the bottle was locked a post card which promised the finder “one shilling reward” provided it was returned to Plymouth along with the necessary information regarding “where” and “when” they found the bottle.

The postcard’s message was written in English, German and Dutch.

German couple discovers world's oldest message that was locked in a bottle for around 108 years!

Baker also said that during that period most of the bottles were reported to have been found within months of its release.

It seems few of the bottles were pulled by the fishermen some decades ago and have been returned back to the association. Baker said, in a way these messages have also proved to be useful to the local fishermen.

According to Guinness Books of Records, the current record holder message was tossed in 1914, for some scientific purpose and discovered in west of the Shetland Islands in July 2013, after 99 years. Hence, MBA, is now checking if Bidder’s “message in the bottle” can get the recognition of the oldest ever found message in the Guinness records.

Baker also added that he is not sure if the bottle was actually tossing around the ocean for all these 108 years or if it has been buried under the sand and now washed offshore.

Anyways, the couple would receive their “reward” of “one shilling” for returning the bottle to the association and definitely cherish the memorable vacation with a great historic story.

We can thus say that finally a century old message securely locked in a bottle has finally reached its destination, possibly even making way for itself into the Guinness Books of Records.

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Russians Demand Windows 10 Ban Because it “Spies on Users”


Russian lawyers, lawmakers and state agencies have filed complaints seeking Windows 10 ban. They have claimed that Windows 10 OS infringes the Russian laws and spies on its users.

Windows 10 has been released worldwide and people are using the operating system in large numbers. If you are willing to receive the free upgrade, you can read our detailed how-to guide to get the Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 right now. However, Windows 10 is facing some trouble on privacy settings grounds. Few days ago, it was revealed that Windows 10 continues to talk to Microsoft’s servers even when told not to.

In another development, Russian lawyers have filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office, demanding strict actions against the OS and consider the option of Windows 10 ban in Russia. They have claimed that Windows 10 is being used to collect user information and it infringes the local Russian laws.

The lawyers with the Bubnov and Partners legal practice in Moscow claim that information like passwords, location, typed texts and browsing history is being stored by Windows 10- and thus it breaches Russia’s regulations. Also, the State Duma’s vice speaker has asked the Russian government to ban the Windows 10 OS.

According to The Moscow Times, last week State Duma Deputy Vadim Solovyov sent an official request to the Prosecutor General’s Office to review Microsoft’s OS. The deputy claimed that the OS is spying on its users.

However, an unidentified Microsoft spokesperson told The Moscow Times, denying the allegations: “The new operating system offers users the choice of how they want it to handle their data and users can change the settings at any point.”

Defending Windows 10, The Russian Association for Electronic Communications said that Windows 10 has flexible settings and therefore it doesn’t breach the Russian law.

It would be interesting to follow the proceedings in this probable Windows 10 ban issue. Stay tuned with us, we’ll keep you updated.

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How to Download and Install Android Marshmallow on Your Nexus Device


Google has released the final preview of Android Marshmallow 6.0 and you can download it right now and install it on your Nexus devices. Read more for step-by-step tutorial.

While the final release date of Android Marshmallow is away, Google has released the final preview of Android Marshmallow. If you own a Google Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 or Nexus Player, you can download the preview today and install the build on your device.

Note: This is a nearly complete build of Android Marshmallow and it’s bound to have some bugs that will be addressed by Google later in the release build. So Tech News Nation advises you to install the Android Marshmallow Final Preview on a device which isn’t of your daily use. Make sure to make a complete a backup of your devices.

How to download and install Android Marshmallow?

  • Download and install the latest Android Studio Preview on your Windows machine as it will install Fastboot and ADB tools. You can access them using the command terminal on your computer.
  • Now you need to add the SDK folder and specify its path using the steps below:
  • In your PC, right click on My Computer and go to Properties.
  • Go to Advanced System Settings followed by System Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables.
  • how-to-install-android-m
  • In the Environment Variables window, select Path and click on Edit. Type the name of directory path where the SDK is installed. Don’t forget to add semicolon separating the entries.
  • Now enable the USB debugging on your system. Go to Settings > About Phone > Software information. Enable it by tapping the Build Number seven times.
  • Go to Settings > Developer options and select USB debugging.
  • Now download the Android Marshmallow factory images for your device from the links given below:Android M for Nexus 5
    Android M for Nexus 6
    Android M for Nexus 9
    Android M for Nexus Player
    1. Now it’s time to extract the downloaded Android Marshmallow archive.
    2. Connect the device using the USB connection.
    3. Start your device in fastboot mode. This could be done easily while pressing a key combination while the device powers up. Know about them here.

    Another way to fastboot your device is to use ADB tool. With the device connected, execute this command using command terminal: adb reboot bootloader.

  • If there are some issues with device’s bootloader, unlock it using this command in terminal: fastboot oem unlock
  • Now we’ll install the Android Marshmallow preview on Nexus:
    1. Find the unzipped Android Marshmallow factory image by opening a command terminal.
    2. Now execute flash-all.bat which could be found in the extracted image.
    3. For security purposes, Google advises to lock the bootloader by this command: fastboot oem lock

    Now, Android Marshmallow preview is installed on your Nexus device. Your device will regular over-the-air updates.

    To uninstall Android Marshmallow preview and go back to the previous Android version, download the factory images from this page and repeat the above steps. Don’t forget to clear the files from Fastboot and ADB that were added earlier.

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