Smart Socks!! The Smartest Socks Ever: This Will Teach You The Perfect Running.


From Smart Phones to Smart Socks? That’s Technology for you

Sensoria Fitness Socks are special kind of socks that contain special sensors to analyse your running and give you relevant data to improve your running.

For all the fitness lovers, Sensoria Smart Sock, a tech solution that aids you in making your running an enjoyable experience, is creating waves across markets. It’s undisputed that running is one of the most effective ways to stay fit, but a wrong technique can land you in trouble, sometimes resulting in severe chronic pain.

Now you can get rid of the running troubles by simply buying an anklet attached to a special running sock. The device, Sensoria Fitness Socks, is priced at $199, and is available online.

his horseshoe anklet is attached to a special kind of sock that contains special sensors at the bottom, and the anklet contains a CPU to analyse the data from the sensors. Not only this, this wearable is also accompanied by a smartphone app, that provides the users a heat map of where the foot places the pressure along with other information like speed, stride length and cadence.

The best part of this app is that it’s very user-friendly and it will communicate to you in your ears whenever it finds any irregularity in your running pattern. The sensors placed in sensoria are customised to aid both the expert runners and the novice runners alike, thereby assisting them in gaining proper form.

Sensoria CEO Davide Vigano says: “You’re not wearing anything else, but whatever you wanted to wear that day — just a t-shirt, a pair of socks, and a pair of shoes. We want to take away stuff, not add stuff. At some point, the electronics are going to be woven into whatever we wear.”

This device can prove to be a milestone in the future of fitness gadgets. To know more about Sensoria Fitness Socks, visit

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2 thoughts on “Smart Socks!! The Smartest Socks Ever: This Will Teach You The Perfect Running.

  1. smart socks? I think very soon we gonna have smart shoes, art shirts, smart trousers, smart smart or is out already? , everything is going to be smart….

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