How to change your car oil and save some money.

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Learn how to change the oil in your car and save yourself some money

With the current double digit inflation, people are exploring ways to economize. People are showing the readiness to learn how to do simple maintenance on their cars.

Changing your own car oil is one way you can save money.

If you were to take your car to a garage for an oil change, you would realize that a mechanic would charge you something substantial and perhaps keep the car for a whole day. What many people do not know is that you can change the oil yourself at about half or even less the cost for just fifteen minutes of your time.

So for those who do not know how to change the oil in their car this is how it is done. Please follow these simple steps carefully.

First, gather all the necessary equipment. You will need a jack, a blanket or a mat to lie on, a wrench to fit the nut on the oil pan. An oil filter wrench, a bucket to catch the oil, oil filter and new oil. NB: Ask the salesperson at an auto supply store to help you choose the right wrenches, oil filter and oil.

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Second, let your engine run for about five minutes to get the oil hot. Switch off the engine and put the emergency brake on. Then jack up the car high enough so that you can fit under it without any trouble. Before you get under the car, ensure that the bucket, the wrenches for the oil pan nut and the oil filter are all close by. Throw the blanket on the ground to prevent your clothes from getting dirty.

Third, crawl under the car and look for the oil pan, behind the radiator under the engine block. At the corner of the oil pan there is a nut about half an inch wide. Put the bucket under nut and loosen it. Be careful because the oil may be hot. After the nut is off, let the oil drain into the bucket for about five minutes, put the nut back on and make sure it is very tight.

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Fourth, look for the oil filter. It is next to the oil pan and is about the size of man’s wrist. It should only be hand tight, but if not use the oil filter wrench to take it off. Some oil will still be in the filter; let it drain. Now you have the option to either keep the old filter or use the new one. (Is good to change the filter at least after every oil change). If you decide to put on new filter, take a little of the old oil and rub it on the rubber gasket around the filter to make a better seal. Tighten the filter only hand tight as you screw it in.

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Fifth, to put new oil in the engine, raise the bonnet and look on the side of your engine for a cap that screws into the engine block. Inscribed on it is “oil”. Remove the cap and put the right amount of oil in your engine, usually a gallon or a little more. With the oil in the car, run the engine for a few minutes and examine the nut and oil filter to see if there are any leaks. If not, lower the jack and put the equipment away. We are done…..

You see changing your car engine oil is very easy and simple. Not only that, it can save you money and even time.


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