We all make mistakes; NASA Mistakes Moon For The Sun.


FRESH NEWS; NASA made a gaffe this Tuesday when it tweeted a photograph taken from ISS and mistook the Moon for the Sun. Well, you don’t see such bloopers from smart people every day.

we all mistakes right? To err is human, and NASA is no different. On Tuesday, NASA tweeted an amazing photograph of the Earth with the Sun and other stars in the background. The picture was beautiful except the fact that Sun looked fairly different and the stars around were visible in the presence of Sun!

The picture was taken from the International Space Station by the astronaut Scott Kelly and you can clearly see the enthusiasm in the tweet of completing one year in space.

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Wait, that’s weird. How can you mistake Moon for the Sun if you have been living up there for more than a year? Isn’t the view better from there?

However, the mistake was corrected as soon as NASA realized its mistake (well, they got some lashing from their followers).

But it’s ok I guess. This just proves NASA scientists make errors too, no matter how smart they are. As for Scott Kelly, he must be overwhelmed by the fact that he spent a year in space. But the pic is beautiful for sure.


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