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Meet “Steve Jobs of Robotics” – Man Who is Making World’s First Humanoid Smartphone.


Tomotaka Takahashi, considered as Steve Jobs of robotics, aims to gift humanity a talking humanoid smartphone very soon. An associate professor at the University of Tokyo, Tomotaka Takahashi has built a lifestyle around his smart gadgets and plans to extend his robot family now.

It is no denying the fact that we are going to be surrounded by Artificial Intelligence soon. Robots engaged in our chores; you might be greeted at the reception by one of those in the near future. But the question is how near is that near future, how soon?Tomotaka Takahashi, a roboticist and an associate professor at the University of Tokyo plans to do it, well, really soon. He strategies to build a pocket size robot with features of Siri. And he is ready to unveil his hybrid four-limbed Siri. Did you get the plot? It is similar to Tony Stark giving Jarvis a body!! C’mon people.

Takahashi in his own words, he wants to become “Steve Jobs of Robotics”. He aims to build smartphones in the humanoid form, more charismatic and stylish. And he is putting all his work to build world’s first humanoid smartphone.

Japan has been the centre of artificial intelligence and robotics development. Suidobashi Heavy Industries, Japan are one of the biggest names in the Robotics industries with the beast Kuratas as their poster bot. And it won’t be long that yet another brilliant robot design comes from the country. Only, this time it won’t be a fighter bot, but a friendly humanoid smartphone that would give you a nice company.

Contrary to the plot of Artificial Intelligence taming humans famously prophecized by Stephen Hawking, Takahashi believes his smart bot would be your one of the bust buddies and will not kick off any uprising.

Most of our apprehension for the AI should be credited to Terminator series. Robots getting self-awareness is also a major concern among many, but it does not deter Takahashi who plans to build a lovable Astroboy type friendly humanoid smartphone bot.

Takahashi has built several smart machines that are into the Guinness World Records, the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car, the first companion robot in space, and the highest altitude for a robot to have a conversation.

But, all the research and developments aside, we still don’t know when the robots will become ubiquitous. Tomotaka Takahashi gives hope with his humanoid smartphone idea, however, there would be many concerns even if the robots suddenly start becoming available in the markets.

For all the robots, first, the manufacturers have to assure the public that their bots are safe and won’t go Terminator on them.

Second, the cost of these advanced machines would affect their density in the public domain.

Third, it would be a headache for law enforcement agencies. The fact that the case of drones with guns mounted is still controversial, robots arriving into the scene would only increase the chaos.

Tech companies and enthusiasts are giving their best efforts to create safe and cost effective robots, so now we can say without doubt that we will soon have robots in our society, but the important question should be, is humanity ready for them?

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FCV Clarity is The New Hydrogen Fuel Based Car by Honda.


Honda unveiled its new hydrogen fuel cell based car, FCV Clarity, which is the second iteration to Honda’s hydrogen fuel brigade. Clarity has the guts to run for almost 700km on a single charge and Honda plans to launch it by March 2016.

We saw how Tesla motors made an impact on the automobile market with their all electric Tesla Model S and Model X. But this time, it is Honda takings its small foot-steps in the race of devising eco-friendly automobile technologies, which will save the world from the hazardous effects of the current fossil-based products.It is not the first time Honda has come up with a hydrogen fuel based car – in fact, their first experience was no so good which compelled them do some serious research and come out with a new car. The first one was FCX Clarity, launched in 2008, but only for a few buyers in California at subsidized prices, only because they wanted to try the vehicle. It didn’t go well for those first buyers as they were not able to fit inside that hydrogen car even after shelling out so much cash, not because they were fat, but due to the large sized hydrogen fuel cells, which consumed most of the space in the car.

Mashable writes,

Until this point, fuel cells have been so large that they needed to be packaged elsewhere in the vehicle, like in Toyota’s Mirai, which has its fuel cell stack in the centre of the vehicle, cutting into interior space.

After the not so good experience, Honda decided to give their hydrogen fuel based friend another try, and came out with the new version FCV Clarity, 30% more efficient and the hydrogen cells have also become slim and fit. Priced at $62,807, this hydrogen fuel beast can travel up to 700km after a full tank. Toshihiro Mibe, Honda Operating Officer, told Reuters:

We want this car to be the trigger for the ‘hydrogen society’.

Talking about how these vehicles stand-out in comparison to their fossil-based ancestors, not exactly ancestors as they have different origins, but in terms of their usability, it is a yes. Hydrogen fuel consists of small cells filled with hydrogen, tiny enough that they can be kept and moved here and there just like petrol and diesel. So when you start your car, the hydrogen fuel cells are converted into electricity and stored in a lithium-ion battery present in your car, which then powers an electric motor.

So, practically you’re inside an electric vehicle that can be charged in just 3 minutes, and releases water vapours from its tailpipe. Yeah, I haven’t mistyped, I wrote water vapours, hydrogen fuel cells allow you to pay your contribution in saving our mother nature.

Honda has plans to put FCV Clarity on sale in March 2013, with Japan as the first market, then US and Europe in the row.

fcv concept

The quest for harnessing an environment-friendly means of human transportation has been the talk of the town since the 20th century. And it should be, as our mother nature is no more capable in fulfilling our unabating rapacity and cupidity, and to take advantage of every efficacious resource feasible on earth. It is high time, we need to explore possibilities in such areas, otherwise, we ourself will only be responsible for annihilation of human life, as we have eradicated some other life forms, satisfying our needs.

Hydrogen fuel cells do look auspicious to provide an eco-friendly means of transport, but their prospective as an alternative to current fossil fuels has been unrealized. They can power our cars, our homes and help us to sustain in what we’ve created, a death track, on the verge of its culmination.

Have a look at the Honda FCV concept:

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Now Chat Anonymously with Tor Instant Messenger.


The Tor Project has announced the release of the beta version of its Tor Messenger that allows you to chat anonymously over the Tor network. Built over Mozilla’s Instantbird platform, the Tor Messenger can be used by Windows, Mac and Linux users.

With its motto of anonymity and security by default, The Tor Project has released the beta version of its Tor Messenger after a year long of effort which saw three alpha versions distributed for testing. The Tor IM is built over Mozilla’s Instantbird, an existing open-source messenger and supports multiple transport networks like Gooogle Talk, Facebook Chat, Twitter, Yahoo and others.Instantbird was not the only choice of the team developers, says Tor, as they had considered Pidgin and Adam Langley’s xmpp-client as well. But, as the Tor developer team had an experience working on the XUL (XML User Interface Language over which Tor Browser is built), they chose Mozilla’s Instantbird.

The Tor messenger boasts of Off-the-Record (OTR) messaging which will protect your identity. The Tor IM will encrypt and send the data through the reliable Tor network. Read to know more about Tor and how it maintains anonymity.

However, the developers are still working on parts of creating absolute anonymity, and therefore, had asked the users ‘not to rely heavily on the Tor Messenger’ for some time. The Tor IM developers are looking for feedbacks and have already started working on the updates.

Tor Messenger comes in different versions for the users of Windows, Mac and Linux. Get it here.

Google Is Killing The Chrome OS.


Google has decided to kill its Chrome OS that is used to power the Chromebooks. All the good parts of the OS will now be bundled into Android to form a better and more efficient OS.

Google is killing the Chrome OS being used in the Chromebooks and other personal computers, taking all its good parts, and putting it into the Android mobile, according to the Wall Street Journal.

As the report suggests, from the year 2017, Google will have Android as the only operating system for mobile devices, as well as the computers. Citing its sources, WSJ writes that the early version of the newer and advanced Android OS will be previewed early next year, probably at Google I/O.

For those who don’t know, Chrome OS is the operating system used by Google to power the Chromebook line of laptops. These are the low-storage machines that are dependent on the cloud for most functions.

But, Why is Google killing the Chrome OS anyway?

“Google’s new version of Android will also run PCs, giving users access to Google’s Play store, which offers more than one million apps,” WSJ reports.

“Google wants to get its software and moneymaking services such as Search and YouTube on as many devices as possible. It also hopes to curry favor with independent developers, whose apps will work on more devices with fewer modifications.”

It won’t be wrong to assume that the idea of a hybrid operating system and a hybrid-PC is inspiring the Google CEO Sundar Pichai to move towards a more mobile-focused future. Google has also revealed a convertible laptop last month called the Pixel C and it seems like just the start.

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Secure Your Password With Enigmaze Password Generating Book.


Enigmaze Secure Password Generating Grid System Manager has come up with the most efficient and innovative ways of generating new and strong passwords, and protecting the existing ones. It is aided with features like hardcover password journal with 176 pages, removable label, 78 different grids, an invisible ink marker, and a UV light key chain.

Today, while there are approximately 3 billion people across the world using the internet, most of us prefer using the same password for all our accounts, say, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even for net banking, for the sake of ease in remembering them.Hence, once the password is decoded, the results could be fatal. This is exactly where the Enigmaze Secure Password Generating Grid System Manager comes into play.

It can be said to be the most efficient and innovative way of generating new, strong passwords and updating and protecting existing ones.

So, how does it work? Let’s tell you more about Enigmaze Password Generating Book.

password generating notebook

Amidst many ways for generation of a unique password, one can include adding different symbols to existing passwords as well.

Check out this wonderful video on how the Password Generating Book works:

Here are a couple of wonderful features offered by Password Generating Book:

  • Durable, hardcover password generating book
  • 176 pages, removable label, and 78 different grids ensure that you’ll never have a problem in keeping your passwords protected and safe.
  • The notebooks are aided with an invisible ink marker and a UV light key chain.
  •  The plastic grid card makes it portable
  • Easy to organize

Estimated delivery is around December, 2015. So hurry up! Get one for yourself and secure your passwords!

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Source : Kickstarter

Motorola Launches DROID Turbo 2 And It Just Won’t Break.


Motorola is bringing an all-weather durable phone DROID Turbo 2 and claims it as the perfect phone for the imperfect people. With five layers of display protection, it can handle more than any other smartphone in its league.

It doesn’t matter how advanced or smart your smartphone is if it gets shattered each time it falls! The flaw isn’t fixated to Apple iPhones, which if you remember would bend inside your pockets, but to almost all the phones (except vintage Nokia) that would easily break.Motorola has, however, come up with its own hulk version of a smartphone that just won’t break. Motorola DROID Turbo 2 is the phone which won’t bother you with the unnecessary care-taking measures while using. The DROID Turbo 2 runs on the USP of a shatterproof display along with several upgrades and is a strong contender for the people’s choice.

The Turbo2 display has a five-layered structure that absorb shocks keeping your smartphone’s screen intact, claims Motorola. Also, the display is little elastic rather than being rigid to incorporate up to a certain amount force.

The Motorola DROID Turnbo 2 has a 5.4-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display which comes with a four-year warranty against shattering and cracking.

After Motorola showcased its phone’s sturdiness against iPhone in an advertisement, the skeptics at CNN performed some of their own tests to check the claims of the perfect phone for the imperfect people.

Watch the official “shatterproof display” ad for DROID Turbo 2 by Motorola.

Also, watch the experiment by CNN.

Yamaha Builds A Robot That Drives Motorcycles and Challenges World Champion Rossi.


Yamaha pulled a big one in the Tokyo Motor Show as it showcased its superbike riding Robot rather than any showing any ceremonious unconventional motorbike. Named Motobot, this humanoid is improving every day to give the champion racers a run for their money. 

While others were busy showing what their automobile has got, Yamaha displayed a marvel of engineering and AI at the Tokyo Motor Show. It wasn’t just any superbike or a green fuel motorcycle, but a humanoid that could effectively control and zoom on Yamaha’s 1000cc R1M.As humans were already pissed off of the fact that machines would take their jobs becoming a doctor, lawyer and architect, Motobot and the flavour of the season, self-driving cars, have taken the drivers’ seat as well.

Motobot is the product of an intense R&D effort in robotics technology and Yamaha’s aim to create a robot that could cruise any unmodified bike. And if you are a rider yourself, you would understand that this task is no easy.

Yamaha released a video showing Motobot riding its superbike with ease and in its childish voice even called out the MotoGP world champion, Valentino Rossi as he said, “I am improving my skills every day. I was created to surpass you.” But, unlike other superstars, Motobot is quite humble and realises that he needs to learn from the master to catch up to him.

The superbike riding robot has caught every speed lover’s attention for the ultimate battle between the man and the machine on a superbike. However, the makers are still working to improve Motobot skills until it touches 200 kph on a racetrack.

Yamaha wants to use its state-of-the-art technology to ‘pioneer new lines of business’ which has left many wondering what could it be! Could we be witnessing a humanoid MotoGP now?

Watch the superbike riding robot Motobot ride in style:

Microsoft Officially Launches its Arrow Android Launcher.

microsoft-android-arrow-launcher (2)

Microsoft has officially launched its Arrow Launcher for the Android community.  The launcher is all about quickness and added more customization features compared to the beta release. Check for yourself.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Android smartphones is the easy customization. You can choose from the variety of launchers that suits you best. But, no one expected a Microsoft Android launcher inside their Play Store.

Microsoft has officially launched Arrow Launcher into the market that is already flooded with a number of Android Launchers. So, what’s new in Microsoft Android Launcher?

The Arrow Launcher presets three pages that will have People Page(contacts) as a first page, second one is the home page of the launcher which is an Apps Page comprising of recent and frequently used app section and the third and the last page is the Notes and Reminders Page.


So, overall the Arrow Launcher will provide you quickness at work and has added a lot of customization features as compared to the beta release.

• Apps: Your apps are automatically arranged based on your usage
• People: Easily find and contact the people who matter the most to you
• Reminders: Never forget to pick up milk or call your spouse with integrated reminders
• Recent: Quickly get back to your recent photos, file downloads, app installs, and even dropped calls

The Microsoft android launcher includes a dock to pull your most frequent used apps from the bottom. And you would also like the daily Bing wallpaper if you happen to be a fan of those.

The Arrow Launcher is Microsoft’s first Android Launcher. It definitely created some news, but the private beta version doesn’t seem to impress much. The Arrow launcher is good but hopefully, the next version of Microsoft android launcher will have something more exciting.

Download the Arrow Launcher here.

Google Hacker James Forshaw Tells Why Windows 10 Is Good As Well As Bad.


Accomplished Google hacker James Forshaw thinks that Microsoft has delivered a “good” operating system, but it has failed to ensure the overall user security. He praised it for some improvements and called it the “Two step forward, One step back” moment for Microsoft.

When we talk about the features and functionalities added in Windows 10, we think of the almost harmless Microsoft Edge browser, prompt Cortana, an option of multiple desktops etc. However, on the security front, Windows 10 has been accused of spying on the operating system users.In the past, Microsoft tried to clear the confusion clouds by some explanations that didn’t offer anything concrete. In a recent security conference, renowned Google hacker James Forshaw gave Windows 10 a slight security approval and called it a “Two step forward, One step back” moment for Microsoft.

For those who don’t know, James Forshaw is a security researcher in Google’s Project Team with a specialization in Windows. In the past, he has discovered some major loopholes in Windows and he did it again in his recent presentation.

The Google hacker praised Microsoft for taking some steps to tighten the Windows security but bashed the Windows maker for the increased number of drivers and services. He pointed out that Windows 10 has 291 drivers and 196 system services enabled, which is higher that the previous iterations.

“There are more system services and drivers which means more attack surface,” Forshaw says.

Targetting the Windows 10 user account control, he went on to say that it’s “something you just put there to annoy the user” by displaying prompts to allow or block the apps all the time. This is a feature that is clearly failing to accomplish its mission of protecting its users.

Google hacker James Forshaw hoped that Microsoft will be soon fixing some issues with Windows 10 user account control. He also gave a demo of a token-capturing tool to bypass Windows 10 security mechanisms. This tool will be publicly released after Microsoft issues a patch.

Talking about Windows 10’s Microsoft Edge web browser, he praised it for the improvements. But as a web browser in whole, he called it flawed. “Microsoft could have lead the way and said ‘I refuse to run (Adobe) Flash ever again in my web browser’ but unfortunately they did not take that inspired option,” Forshaw said.

Watch the complete presentation below:

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Are You Ready To Turn Your Phone Into a Drone? (PhoneDrone).


xCraft, the drone manufacturer company that creates high-end affordable drone, has landed a deal with the Sharks at the Shark Tank with $1.5 million for 25%. It means that their idea of PhoneDrone, a smartphone that turns into a drone will be a reality soon.

So, you have a smartphone. Well, can it fly? What, why do you look surprised? Phones can fly today, really, and the credit goes to xCraft.

While some people were busy integrating guns to the humble drone, the CEO JD Claridge of the drone manufacturer company xCraft was silently working on his idea of transforming a smartphone into a drone or a PhoneDrone. PhoneDrone is hailed as a revolutionary product by its creators that would allow anyone with a smartphone to have fun with their personal flying robot.

Now the idea has got the solid backing and Claridge has landed xCraft a deal of $1.5 million with the Sharks on the ABC-TV’s Shark Tank. The board member Charles Manning along with Claridge were seeking $500,000 with 20% stake in xCraft and instead locked the deal with $1.5 M for 25%.

xCraft demonstrated a short video of its flagship PhoneDrone and the X Plus One drone that can travel at a maximum speed of 60 mph at the airplane mode and fly as high as 10,000 feet and has accomplished vertical take-off and landing.phonedrone

The PhoneDrone is an amazing concept at a relatively lesser price than all those high-end camera fitted drones. The drones hitherto used to be expensive because of the additional features of sensors, camera, and GPS, but since you already have all that and much more in your smartphones, so the PhoneDrone becomes an easy choice.

You can dock your smartphone on the drone and with a special app you can control the flight and shoot some amazing pictures and videos from a tethered second phone.

What you just read above was merely an idea limited to xCraft till now, but thanks to the Shark Tank deal, it would soon turn into a reality.

So, why just own a phone when you own a flying phone.

Check out the video by xCraft.

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Source: Kickstarter