John McAfee Is Working To Make A Password Killer That “Unlocks” Everything.

everykey john mcafee

John McAfee has found a new job for the time being as the Chief Evangelist of Everykey, a tiny device that claims to replace all you security measures. “When Everykey is close to your phone, laptop, tablet, house door, car door, or another access-controlled device, it unlocks that device. When you walk away, that device locks back down,” the Everykey website mentions.

John McAfee, a pioneer in the security software industry and the co-founder of McAfee Antivirus, regularly finds new ways to find his worthy share in the headlines. After announcing his presidential candidature, John McAfee is now running a new crowdfunding campaign.He’s running an Indiegogo campaign through January 10 to make a new device called Everykey. As the name suggests, he aims to provide you a single alternative that will unlock all your devices – ranging from smartphones to door locks.


On the Everykey website, McAfee calls it a way to control your phone, laptop, cars, house, and other devices. It can also log you into your mail and website accounts. Just in case you lose your Everykey, you can freeze it, so that no one else can misuse it.

The Indiegogo campaign was started with a goal of $20,00 and it has already raised $57,000 i.e. almost 3 times its goal. Notably, in an earlier campaign on Kickstarter, Everykey raised about $120,000.

everykey john mcafee

The Everykey tool comes in two form factors. You can use it in the form of a digital fitness band, along with an option to use it as a USB thumb drive. McAfee calls the tool “a [expletive] game changer” as it uses military-grade software encryption.

The device automatically unlocks a configured device – laptop, smartphone, computer etc – when it’s kept in the proximity. If you take the device out of range – about 9 feet away – the device locks down again.

About John McAfee’s exact relationship with Everykey, the website writes: “John McAfee is the Chief Evangelist of Everykey. He joined the team in November, 2015 and primarily focuses on public outreach and refining the security methods used by Everykey.”

To know more about Everykey, visit their website.


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