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Windows 10 Started Showing Ads on LockScreen — Here’s How to Turn It OFF.


If you’ve upgraded your older version of Windows OS to an all new Windows 10 operating system then you may have noticed an advertisement appearing on your desktop or laptop’s lock screen over the past couple of days.

Yes, this is what Microsoft has chosen to generate revenue after offering Free Windows 10 Download to its users: Monetize the Lock Screen.
Thanks to Windows 10’s new Spotlight feature that usually shows you clean and beautiful photographs and fun facts on your lock screen, but now started displaying advertisements to over 200 Million devices running Windows 10.
Some Windows 10 users have reported seeing ads for Rise of the Tomb Raider with links to Windows Store from where users can purchase the video game. Microsoft started selling the game last month.

Although the ads are not as annoying as the Windows 10 privacy concerns related to the way Microsoft collects your personal data, the good news is that you can turn the ads OFF.

Here’s How to Turn the Ads OFF

Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen Advertisement

The advertisements are because of the Windows Spotlight feature in your Personalization settings.

If you don’t want to see these intrusive ads, follow the steps given below to disable Windows Spotlight:

  • Open the Start Menu and look for ‘Lock Screen Settings.’
  • Under ‘Background,’ Choose either ‘Picture’ or ‘Slideshow,’ instead of Windows Spotlight.
  • Now, Scroll down to ‘Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen’ and uncheck this box.
The advertisements are turned ON for your lock screen by default, which is definitely a clever way to offer companies to reach their customers, without mentioning the word ‘advertisements’ to the Windows users.
As I previously said: Nothing comes for Free, as “Free” is just a relative term. Everything comes with its own price.
As warned last year, Microsoft also started pushing Windows 10 upgrades onto its user’s computers much harder by re-categorizing Windows 10 as a “Recommended Update” in Windows Update, instead of an “optional update.”



Here is why the latest Alienware 13-inch with OLED screen is the best gaming laptop.


TechNewsNation: New Alienware 13-inch is the first gaming laptop with OLED screen

During CES 2016, the annual trade show, there were several gaming machines put on display, but it appears that Alienware 13 won the crown for possibly becoming the forerunner of how the components gaming laptops are supposed to be present. One of the biggest changes incorporated in Alienware 13 is the fact that it does not feature a traditional display, but an OLED one (optical light emitting diode).

OLED displays are the kind that are present in smartphones and TVs, and they are what refine the rich colors of these products. With an OLED display present on gaming laptops, laptop gamers will also be able to experience rich and vibrant colors while playing the latest gaming titles. With the latest gaming engines, not to mention Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API, you can definitely expect that the lethal combination of OLED displays and next generation graphics will definitely point to a visual gaming experience that could never have been achieved before.

In addition to displaying rich and vibrant colors, OLED displays also have one other advantage; they are able to refresh the pixels at an extremely fast pace, which results in the reduction of visual stuttering in games. Even with the latest hardware installed, there are some spontaneous moments where you experience visual stuttering for a split second. Well, with OLED gaming laptops, such issues are going to be a thing of the past. The only drawback that Alienware 13 currently features is that it has a very high resolution for a 13 inch gaming laptop.

At 3200 x 1800 pixels, it will become relatively difficult for the embedded processor and mobile GPU to deliver respectable frames in graphically intensive titles, but we are sure that as companies like Intel, NVIDIA and AMD keep moving up a generation, they will continue to introduce better chips that will be extremely energy efficient and will be able to push out a lot of pixels with extreme ease in the future.

With the latest display breakthrough, we are confident that lots of manufacturers are going to take notes on this advancement and make preparations to deliver consumers their own OLED gaming notebooks for 2016.

Google Is Now Testing New Shapes For Hard Drives That Will Be Taller And Cheaper.

hard disk google data center

TechNewsNation: To improve its cloud storage facilities and data centers, Google is now experimenting with new shapes of hard drives. Google aims to improve the overall performance and reduce the operational costs with taller hard drives.

Ever since their introduction, the mechanical drives haven’t changed much. Their physical size and standard 3.5 and 2.5-inch shape has remained the same for decades. With the introduction of faster SSDs, their dominance is under threat more than ever.


If we talk about data storage applications, the cloud storage is slowly becoming an extension of our computer’s physical drives. As more people are storing data in their cloud accounts, the technology companies are working on improving their capabilities. They have managed to improve the data density of the hard drives within a given space. Another important key factor that plays a key role in cloud storage is reliability.

To improve its cloud facilities and store more data into hard drives, Google has decided to experiment with new shapes. We know that Google owns mammoth data centers where it develops and uses its own server designs. These servers depend upon the 3.5-inch drives and they face a risk to lose data.

In a recent paper published at Google Cloud Platform Blog, the company tells that it needs to explore changes like taller drives and grouping on disks. The company also mentions the need to “optimize the collection of disks, rather than a single disk in a server.”

With these experiments and changes, Google aims to improve the overall performance apart from lowering the operational costs. One interesting fact — Google doesn’t seem much concerned with the reliability of the new drives. If you dare to ask why — it’s because cloud storage systems have their backups built in.

“We hope this is the beginning of both a new chapter for disks and a broad and healthy discussion, including vendors, academia and other customers, about what “data center” disks should be in the era of cloud,” Google writes.

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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet For Windows 10.





TechNewsNation: With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft also launched newer Windows keyboard shortcuts. These Windows Keyboard shortcuts use almost all the alphabets on a keyword along with the Windows sign. These shortcuts for Windows 10 can also be downloaded from the Microsoft’s website as a cheat sheet.

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts list:

We have compiled a list of the most useful Windows 10 shortcuts that will make your job at work and play much easier. This list includes shortcuts for opening Cortana, locking the orientation, working with virtual desktops and much more. Additionally, you can also read our article on the new Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts in Command Prompt  and make things hassle-free.




So, here is an interesting list of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts:

Windows keyboard shortcuts Function
Windows+1, +2, etc. Switch to the desktop and launch the nth application in the taskbar. For example, +1 launches whichever application is first in the list, numbered from left to right.
Windows+A Open the action center.
Windows+B Highlight the notification area.
Windows+C Launch Cortana into listening mode. Users can begin to speak to Cortana immediately
Windows+D Switch between Show Desktop (hides/shows any applications and other windows) and the previous state.
Windows+E Switch to the desktop and launch File Explorer with the Quick Access tab displayed.
Windows+H Open the Share  charm.
Windows+I Open the Settings  app.
Windows+K Open the Connect pane to connect to wireless displays and audio devices.
Windows+L Lock the device and go to the Lock screen.
Windows+M Switch to the desktop and minimize all open windows.
Windows+O Lock device orientation.
Windows+P Open the Project pane to search and connect to external displays and projectors.
Windows+R Display the Run dialog box.
Windows+S Launch Cortana. Users can begin to type a query immediately.
Windows+T Cycle through the apps on the taskbar.
Windows+U Launch the Ease of Access Center.
Windows+V Cycle through notifications.
Windows+X Open the advanced menu in the lower-left corner of the screen.
Windows+Z Open the app-specific command bar.
Windows+ENTER Launch Narrator.
Windows+SPACEBAR Switch input language and keyboard layout.
Windows+TAB Open Task view.
Windows+, Peek at the desktop.
Windows+Plus Sign Zoom in.
Windows+Minus Sign Zoom out.
Windows+ESCAPE Close Magnifier.
Windows+LEFT ARROW Dock the active window to the left half of the monitor.
Windows+RIGHT ARROW Dock the active window to the right half of the monitor.
Windows+UP ARROW Maximize the active window vertically and horizontally.
Windows+DOWN ARROW Restore or minimize the active window.
Windows+SHIFT+UP ARROW Maximize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Restore or minimize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Windows+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW With multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the left.
Windows+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW With multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the right.
Windows+HOME Minimize all nonactive windows; restore on second keystroke.
Windows+PRNT SCRN Take a picture of the screen and place it in the Computer>Pictures>Screenshots folder.
Windows+CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT arrow Switch to the next or previous virtual desktop.
Windows+CTRL+D Create a new virtual desktop.
Windows+CTRL+F4 Close the current virtual desktop.
Windows+? Launch the Windows Feedback App.

If you are also aware of some other cool Windows Keyboard shortcuts, let us know in the comment section below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge Are Waterproof Phones With No Surprises.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

TechNewNtion: At MWC 2016, the smartphone maker Samsung has just unveiled its next flagship devices — Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. These phones are an improved version of the S6-series devices with the addition of features like waterproofing and expandable storage.

At its Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress 2016, the smartphone maker launched its new flagship Android device Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.


Back in 2015, company shook its Galaxy smartphone design with S6 and S6 Edge. In 2016, Samsung is back with refined devices that bring back some useful features from the past, including microSD card slot (additional 200GB storage) and waterproofing (IP68 certification). These are great devices from Samsung but LG G5 has already impressed people with its presence MWC 2016.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

samsung galaxy s7 edge

These smartphones mark minor changes in last year’s designs by making the Edge angles less sharp. These devices are a tad thicker than their predecessors, only because they come with bigger batteries. The S7 battery has jumped to 3,000mAh from 2,550mAh while S7 Edge has seen an increase to 3,600mAh from 2,600mAh.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Talking about the screen of the phones, though the S7 Edge model has maintained the same Quad HD resolution, the curved screen area has been expanded to 5.5 inches to allow you to use it more efficiently. Now you’ll get quicker access to apps, news, and other functions with just a simple swipe.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

The company has brought the always-on display that we’ve already seen in LG G5. It allows you to check for information on your phone without actually draining the battery.

Samsung has also worked to make its cameras better with larger images sensors. The new F1.7 lens captures about 95% more light than S6 devices. The company has also worked to improve the low-light photography and introduced the first-ever Dual Pixel sensor technology.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge specifications:

  • Quad HD Super AMOLED 2560×1440 Screens
  • Quad-core 2.15GHz + 1.6GHz Processors
  • 4GB RAM (LPDDR4)
  • microSD Card Slots
  • Always-on Displays
  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistance
  • Cameras: Rear: Dual Pixel 12MP / Front: 5MP
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow

samsung galaxy s7 edge

The pricing of these phones is yet to be announced. Did you like the new Galaxy devices launched by Samsung? Share your views in the comments below.

Microsoft vs. Linux — This Happy Birthday Linux Video From 2011 Is The Best Thing Ever.


TechNewsNation: Do you remember how Microsoft wished Linux on its 20th birthday? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the video below and share it with your friends.

Linux vs Microsoft — an open source underdog fighting an enterprise tycoon — it could the perfect tagline of a Hollywood blockbuster with its roots in the technology world. The things have started to change at Redmond under the leadership of Satya Nadella, but technology geeks have seen enough action already.




Linux and Windows have battled competitively for the past decade in the server and desktop  markets. Also, both sides have had their share of bitter remarks in the past. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once labeled Linux as cancer “that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.” Along the similar lines, 5 years ago, the Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin claimed that Microsoft used to be “our big rival, but now it’s kind of like kicking a puppy.”

As I mentioned above, the relations between Linux and Microsoft are improving. Microsoft is embracing Linux and other open source technologies and trying hard to be a good guy.

The same nature of Redmond was reflected in July 2011, when the Windows-maker created a video on the 20th anniversary of Linux and submitted to the Linux Foundation with the message “warm wishes for your 20th Anniversary. Be prepared for your birthday cake :-).”

It’s a very important milestone in the Microsoft vs. Linux rivalry and you might have seen it before. Well, if you haven’t watched it already, take a look below and share your thoughts in the comments section:

How To Enable Windows 10 Fast Startup: The Ultimate Windows 10 Guide.

windows 10 fast startup how to enableTechNation: Windows 10 Fast Startup feature is an inbuilt feature of Windows 10 which saves some Windows 10 files upon shutdown and when the computer is turned on, Windows 10 does not need to reload the complete system again from scratch. Thus, its gives a better startup performance and fast boot which helps to make Windows 10 faster.

What is Windows 10 Fast Startup?

Windows Fast startup is one of the built-in features that can help us accomplish fast boot of Windows 10 by combining the hibernation and shutdown properties to make Windows 10 faster.When the fast startup is enabled, Windows 10 will save some of your computer’s system files to a hibernation file upon shutdown. And when you turn your computer back on, Windows will use these saved files to boot up quicker. In short, Windows 10 will boot from the hibernate mode instead from the scratch. You can also turn on this feature if you are using older version of Windows.




Turn on Fast startup on Windows 10:

  • Open settings on your Windows 10 PC.

Settings WIndows 10

  • A settings Window will pop up. Select the ‘System’, the first option in the image below

Settings Options Windows 10

  • Under the System Window, click on ‘Power & Sleep’. Under this window, click on ‘Additional Power Settings’

Power and sleep under system settings

  • When the Additional Power Settings option opens up, you will see ‘Choose what the power buttons do‘ option in the left panel, click on it,

Power Options Windows 10

  • Once you click on ‘Choose what the power buttons do’, you will see a checkbox under the shutdown settings with text as ‘Turn on Fast Startup (recommended)’. Check the checkbox and Save changes.

Turn on Fast startup on Windows 10

Once you have saved the changes, you have turned on the fast startup for your Windows 1o PC. This will make your Windows 10 system faster with fast boot up on startup.

I hope that you would have found this article helpful. If you are aware of some other tips which can make Windows startup faster, do share with us in the comment section below.

Cyanogen Launches MOD Integrations To Show Google What’s Missing In Android.

cyanogen os mod for appsTechNewsNation: Cyanogen has announced a new developer platform known as MOD to bring deeper integrations to the third party apps. Up until now, there were multiple restrictions on these apps in terms of taking the advantage of stock Android experience. The MOD platform is expected to roll out next month with devices running Cyanogen 13.0 or greater.

At Mobile World Congress 2016, Cyanogen marked its presence by launching a new developer platform for its Android fork that will bring more freedom to app developers and enable deeper integrations with Android OS.Cyanogen calls MOD an intelligent and integrated mobile platform that can make use of platform APIs to bring newer experience directly into Cyanogen. The users can install mods to bring more functionalities to their devices in the ways that were prohibited by Google. It’s basically a selection of APIs that provide 3rd party apps more access to the stock Android experience.




The company has said that it’s already doing the same with Microsoft’s services that are deeply integrated with Cyanogen OS. This could be already seen in the form of deeper connections of Skype with dialer that allows you to directly upgrade to a Skype video call from an ongoing phone call.

A similar ability is brought to Cortana in the form of enhanced functionalities like replacing Google’s “OK Google” with “Hey Cortana”.

Microsoft is also launching multiple integrations across its apps other apps like OneNote, and Hyperlapse.

The Social lock screen brings an integration with Twitter and Instagram to view the trending and relevant posts right on the lock screen.

In its blog post, Cyanogen writes that the MOD platform will roll out next month with devices running Cyanogen OS 13.0 or greater.

“Imagine the multitude of possibilities for experiences such as the ability to access your workout playlist with voice-activation, schedule a ride-sharing service from within your calendar, and make a video conference call from your contacts list. The possibilities are boundless, and this is what excites us most.”

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Nokia CEO Confirms Company’s Return In The Market, Could Release A New Phone In 2016.

nokia ceo suri confirms nokia comebackTechNewsNation: Finnish smartphone maker company Nokia has confirmed that it’s planning to return in the smartphone market. Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri said that the company is looking for right partners and the company isn’t in any hurry. “It could happen in 2016, it could happen later,” he said. 

The Mobile World Congress 2016, Barcelona, continues to bring exciting news. The iconic Nokia brand will be branded once again on smartphones in near future, Nokia Chief Executive Rajeev Suri said.


The Finnish company said that it’s moving ahead with its plans to re-enter the smartphone market. However, Suri said that the company isn’t working with some deadline and there’s no rush. “It could happen in 2016, it could happen later,” he said.

The company exited the business dramatically by selling its smartphone division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion. Now, the company is looking to re-enter the game by taking advantage of the clause in the sale agreement that allows Nokia to use its brand on handsets again starting from 2016.

Back in 2015, Nokia did confirm the comeback plans but we are yet to see anything concrete from the Nokia 1100 maker.

“The recognition of the brand is still very high in all the major markets,” said Suri. “We think it’s a good business model.”

Suri confirmed that if the company finds the right partner for the next batch of smartphones, they’ll gladly move ahead. Nokia aimed to find a partner by 2015-end, but Suri isn’t concerned. “We’re not in a hurry,” he said.

“We don’t want to just put logos on somebody’s devices,” said Suri. “It needs to feel like Nokia, what Nokia was known for.”

Apart from the smartphone market, the company is actively taking up other endeavours. Last year, Nokia launched its OZO VR camera that was called the first professional 360-degree VR camera.

The company is also moving ahead to build 5G mobile networks and lead the next wave of connectivity.

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Bill Gates Says Apple Should Unlock Shooter’s iPhone For FBI.

bill gates says apple should unlock shooter iphone fbiTechNewsNation: The big names of American tech industry have expressed their support for Apple in its fight against the government’s demand to unlock the San Bernardino shooting iPhone for the FBI. However, the US government has just found an unlikely ally in the form of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. “They are not asking for some general thing, they are asking for a particular case,” Gates told the Financial Times.

The former Microsoft CEO told the Financial Times that tech companies should listen to the law enforcement agencies when it’s an issue of the terrorism investigation.Bill Gates labeled this incident as a specific case where the government has asked for access to important information. “They are not asking for some general thing, they are asking for a particular case,” Gates told the Financial Times.


The views of Bill Gates are opposite to the general sentiment of Silicon Valley, where people like Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai have said that Apple shouldn’t be forced to reveal its encryption keys to the FBI as it could be used as a backdoor by the law enforcement agency.

But, Bill Gates begs to differ and lists his own reservations. “It is no different than [the question of] should anybody ever have been able to tell the phone company to get information, should anybody be able to get at bank records. Let’s say the bank had tied a ribbon round the disk drive and said ‘don’t make me cut this ribbon because you’ll make me cut it many times,”‘ Gates says.

This statement has come amid a new war of words that was fuelled by Tim Cook’s letter to customers, expressing concerns that it would pave the way for numerous security issues. He said that Apple would fight the court order, igniting the ongoing battle between the American government and the technology industry. Notably, last week, a judge ordered Apple to lend “reasonable technical assistance” to FBI in unlocking the iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook, who killed 14 people in San Bernardino shooting.

Talking about the need of proper rules regarding such incidents, Bill Gates said, “I hope that we have that debate so that the safeguards are built and so people do not opt — and this will be country by country —” [to say] it is better that the government does not have access to any information.”

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