16 Futuristic Predictions Made By Microsoft For 2016.


From AI to Big data, Cryptography to Machine learning, Quantum computing to Economic predictions, here are the 16 futuristic predictions by Microsoft for 2016 in common man’s language


Here is the list of 16 Futuristic Technological predictions made by Microsoft for 2016:

1. Get aware of your health in 2016:

health app


Plethora of Health monitoring mobile apps coming inbuilt with mobile phones will come closer to your heart and veins than you think. These mobile apps will somewhat behave more like your personal assistant monitoring and guiding you always about your sugar level, heart beats, the number of floors you took and how many calories you infused while having nice romantic time last night on the bed. Well, that’s too private but as long as you keep your app private, it’s okay.

2. Health technology will take a big leap:

health monitoring

Let’s relate to the point number one made above. Now if you decide to share your health data with mobile app company, they might be able to devise a conglomerate health plan on what percentage of people are suffering from what kind of diseases. Based on the upcoming trends in unhealthiness of health and more personalized data, the days won’t be too far when they might predict and suggest you the best-flavoured chocolates for a dark dinner based on your personal health behaviour.


3. People will get more aware of data collection:

data collection

As far as you are normal human being you are still on the safer side. You are born unknown and die little known. However, if you think you are soon going to be a known personality in near future, better turn the privacy of your data off. Once they have access to your data, they will be able to predict your future based on the evidence from the past. Looking at these scenarios, it looks like people who have been ignoring the data collection policy for long will get up to take some action against it and it might happen that million-dollar industries which are making billions out of it might have to come up with another secretive plan.

4. Technology will monitor the environment better:

environment monitoring using technology

Annual fight over carbon emissions among developed and developing nations is not going to end sooner. Technology will have to jump in between for betterment of the society and environment. How? Sensors, IOT, smaller chip designs and faster computing will all combine together to sense, learn and predict the futuristic behaviour of the environment. Technology could go as deeper as sensing the amount of Ozone, moisture and even photo-sensitive bacterias in your room.


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