A Programmer’s Dream: This Is What Your Code Actually Looks Like On GitHub.

codeology animation github 1TechNewsNation: Codeology is an online visualization program that allows you to see your GitHub project in front of your eyes. Give it a try here with your project and know how it works.

Some developers from the payments firm Braintree have created an open-source visualizer that allows you to see all the programming projects on GitHub in the form of a cool visualization.


Known as Codeology, the program’s algorithm analyzes GitHub projects and makes unique animations based on the codebase size and language. Here, the size is proportionate to how many characters of code in a particular language. If you observe the animation, the color and shape represent a different language.

codeology animation github 1

This program pulls data from the public APIs of GitHub and uses WebGL, Three.js, and GLSL shaders to create visuals.

To see different parts of the project, take your cursor to the right side and see which shapes and colors are representing which parts. You are also given a link to visit the code on GitHub.

This project’s code has been made open source to give you the freedom to fork with the code and create your version of Codeology.gif-fossbytes-scumblr

Did you like this super-cool code animation project? Share your views in the comments below.

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