How To Root Galaxy S3 and Install ClockWorkMod.

This procedure is simple but risky. Neither I nor the Android website and FreebiePixels can be held liable in case of mishandling. This process will void your warranty, but rest assured there is a way to recover it (it will be the subject of a future tutorial).

You will retain your data!

First it will download the necessary files:

– Odin
– Clockworkmod
– Superuser
– CWM management application
– Kies

Unpack the archive “GalaxyS3-CWM-ROOT.rar” and you must have:

We will use Kies only as it installs drivers Galaxy S3 properly.

Without further ado let’s go!

Installing Kies

If you had an earlier version of Kies, he will ask the permission of the uninstall: Accept.
Then our version of Kies will install without problems. After installation, it will ask this time if you want to launch and create a desktop shortcut, here also agree.

Kies launches automatically and it will check if an update is available. If he finds a new version, it will offer to install: accept.

Get the Galaxy S3 in “USB Debug mode”

For the rest of our installation tutorial of ClockWorkMod and the Galaxy S3 root we will spend the Galaxy S3 in “debug usb mode”, here’s how:

We must go into the settings of the smartphone by clicking the following icon

Then you have to scroll all the way down to the settings page.

Then click on “development options”.

Click the check box “USB Debugging”

Make “OK”, it is our Galaxy S3 is in debug USB mode.

Installation of drivers:

As we installed Kies that contains drivers Galaxy S3 this operation will be done alone. Just connect the GS3 to PC with micro USB cord.

Here in Windows 7, we see that after a few seconds all the required drivers have been installed correctly:

Preparing the Galaxy S3 Root:

Once the drivers are installed, your Galaxy S3 is recognized by the PC:

Navigate to File Explorer by selecting the line “open the mobile device to view files”

The PC recognizes two discs here because our Galaxy S3 has an external microSD card.

Go to “Phone” which is the internal memory of the Galaxy S3 and copy the “” file to the root of the storage.

5 – Flashing Clockworkmod of Odin:

If you did not close Kies, do it.

Launch Odin by double clicking on “Odin3 v1.85.exe”

Pass the Galaxy S3 in download mode, for this you need to shut down and restart it now supported the button [switch home (the large physical button below the screen) and volume -).

Accept by pressing Volume +. The Galaxy S3 goes into “Odin mode”.

Galaxy S3 Galaxy S3 fashion download download mode supported

The Galaxy S3 is in “odin style”:

Now connect the SGS3 the PC with the USB cable, Odin should “find” the Galaxy S3 and a top box to the left will turn yellow:

Be sure that the box “Re-Partition” is unchecked!

Click on “PDA” and select the file “CF-SGS3-CWM-v5.5-v1.2.tar”

If the check box “Re-partition” is unchecked you can click on the “Start” button.

The operation is very fast, the Galaxy S3 reboots itself.

We have already copied in step 3 the necessary file. This file we have to flash the through Clockworkmod that we just installed.
To go Clockworkmod, switch off the SGS3 and restart the now supported in the [switch, home, volume + -> and your Galaxy S3 display: (The characters are tiny on a 720p screen.)

In Clockworkmod control commands are:

Volume + to turn up the active line
Volume – to move down
Switch to validate

To flash “” orders are to apply, from the menu:

Then you arrive in the tree of the “internal sd” the Galaxy S3, the “” file is “normally” at the bottom.
Scroll to highlight the volume with + and confirm with the switch.

Clockworkmod ask you to confirm your choice by re-selecting the zip in a new list.

Reselect “” and re-confirm via the switch. Clockwokmod then flashes the zip, it lasts less than a second.

The minutes of the exposure will be displayed in white letters on the bottom of the screen.

Then in the CWM menu go to “go back ****** ******” and then “reboot system now” to restart the Galaxy S3.

Using superSU:

The previous operation has installed a new application in your phone: superSU.

Start, it will ask to be updated:

Accept by clicking “continue”.

The application is updated, it goes very fast.

Make OK. “Now you can use applications that require root access to the system.

The root applications or super user will be intercepted by the superSU applications that ask you to accept affection root permissions to the application:

Here Root Explorer application to obtain super user rights, to grant them click “Grant”.

A big thank you to Chainfire the XDA forum who coded Clockwordmod and created the zipped root file for the Galaxy S3.


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