TorrentHound Shuts Down, Follows The Demise Of KickassTorrents And Torrentz

TorrentHound Shuts Down, Follows The Demise Of KickassTorrents And Torrentz


Tech News Nation: TorrentHound, a popular torrent website that attracted millions of visitors of per month, is shutting down. The website is taking this decision, probably, due to the pressure of copyright activists and law enforcement authorities. Meanwhile, other torrent websites continue to exist and aid the digital pirates.
opular torrent website TorrentHound has decided to pack its bags and cease its operations. This volunteer decision comes in the wake of the recent demise of Kickasstorrents and Torrentz.
TorrentHound continued to grow and attract millions of monthly users since its inception in 2007.  However, it looks like the website owners have decided to shut it down.
Hinting the decision, TorrentHound founder informed TorrentFreak with a tiny message — “Finito”.


In its farewell message on the website, you can see some “not terrible” places left for torrents, including the likes of The Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, and more. It looks like TorrentHound was facing some pressure from copyright activists and legal authorities.
In the past, TorrentHound has been targeted repeatedly in legal notices and complaints. The website was already blocked in multiple countries.
This recent development leaves the users with other torrent websites that were already enjoying traffic boost due to the decease of other top websites.

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Source: TorrentFreak


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