iPhone 7 “Bomb Blast”: Bursts Into Flames And Destroys Car.

Tech News Nation: 

An iPhone 7 kept in a car wrapped in clothes exploded causing severe damages to the owner’s car. The incident has been reported in Australia. The iPhone was purchased only a week ago. Apple is aware of the incident and the company declined to make a comment.

his is the 21st century filled with the latest technology, that explodes, and explodes, and explodes. I have used the term “explodes” three consecutive times, but the actual number of blasts reported for the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are greater.

It appears as if Apple and Samsung are in a competition, who has a higher blast count. Samsung is leading but Apple is also making gregreat efforts.

Previous iPhone blasts were confined to damaging people’s butt and causing bruises on the face . But an iPhone explosion, reported by 7News in Australia, was big enough to destroy a car, the owner claims.

Mat Jones, a south coast resident, went for a surfing lesson while his phone was resting in his car wrapped in his pants. Upon his return, he saw his car filled with smoke.

The incident happened almost a week after he bought the iPhone 7. Jones was quick to record the flaming pants and the molten remains of the iPhone 7. The surfing instructor says that he hadn’t used any third party charger or dropped the iPhone since the purchase.

Apple said that they’re aware of the complaint and it’s under investigation. However, the iPhone-maker declined to make a comment.

A NSW man says his iPhone 7 burst into flames and filled his car with smoke.

On Samsung’s part, the good thing is that the company has realized their mistake and provided replacement devices. Out of bad luck, even those replacements exploded. Finally, after suffering huge losses the company discontinued the Galaxy Note 7. Let’s see what Apple is going to do with their bombs.

Source: 7News

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