How Microsoft named its OS Windows.

​Microsoft released its first GUI-based operating system in 1985 and it was known as Windows 1.0. Since then every successor generation of its OS has carried the name Windows. But where did the name Windows came from? Its roots are in the fundamental pillars of graphical desktops used in computers.

he very first version of Microsoft Windows was released in 1985. And since then, it has been omnipresent in most of the peoples’ digital lives as an operating system. Many of us might have thought about the question why Microsoft named its operating system Windows?

The answer is simpler than we can think. It is because the OS displays content on the screen in different Windows. Early computer operating systems had the minimalistic command line-styled interface where user operated the computers by typing different commands. Later, the need for a graphical desktop was felt. Xerox was one of the early adopters of the WIMP (Window, Icons, Menu and pointing device) concept on a desktop metaphor.

A Window can be considered as the basic component of a graphical desktop. In a GUI, programs could be used in different Windows. This also opened the door for multitasking and other functionalities in the operating systems. The Xerox Alto and Xerox Star computers featured the earliest graphical user interfaces which could be controlled using mouse pointers. But the company failed to make it big as it was mainly used internally by its employees.

The GUI on Xerox computers inspired Apple’s interface of Macintosh and the infamous Lisa, and was later adopted by Microsoft. The Redmond sailed on its MS-DOS boat until the early 1980s. The first GUI-based version of its operating system was launched in 1985 and it was named Windows 1.0 – internally codenamed Interface Manager. Microsoft actually named it after the rectangular “Windows” which were (and still) used to display content on the screen. The name was simple and broad. The trend was followed in the case of other Microsoft products like Office, Word, etc.

The name Windows has been used to represent Microsoft operating systems till date with

Windows 10 . The company has also used it for the operating systems developed for embedded systems and mobile devices i.e. Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.


iPhone 7 “Bomb Blast”: Bursts Into Flames And Destroys Car.

Tech News Nation: 

An iPhone 7 kept in a car wrapped in clothes exploded causing severe damages to the owner’s car. The incident has been reported in Australia. The iPhone was purchased only a week ago. Apple is aware of the incident and the company declined to make a comment.

his is the 21st century filled with the latest technology, that explodes, and explodes, and explodes. I have used the term “explodes” three consecutive times, but the actual number of blasts reported for the Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are greater.

It appears as if Apple and Samsung are in a competition, who has a higher blast count. Samsung is leading but Apple is also making gregreat efforts.

Previous iPhone blasts were confined to damaging people’s butt and causing bruises on the face . But an iPhone explosion, reported by 7News in Australia, was big enough to destroy a car, the owner claims.

Mat Jones, a south coast resident, went for a surfing lesson while his phone was resting in his car wrapped in his pants. Upon his return, he saw his car filled with smoke.

The incident happened almost a week after he bought the iPhone 7. Jones was quick to record the flaming pants and the molten remains of the iPhone 7. The surfing instructor says that he hadn’t used any third party charger or dropped the iPhone since the purchase.

Apple said that they’re aware of the complaint and it’s under investigation. However, the iPhone-maker declined to make a comment.

A NSW man says his iPhone 7 burst into flames and filled his car with smoke.

On Samsung’s part, the good thing is that the company has realized their mistake and provided replacement devices. Out of bad luck, even those replacements exploded. Finally, after suffering huge losses the company discontinued the Galaxy Note 7. Let’s see what Apple is going to do with their bombs.

Source: 7News

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How to Install and use the mendeley plugin Word in Windows.


In this tutorial am going to show you a very simple step to install mendeley plugin in MS Word.

Follow these steps.

To install the Mendeley Plugin you need to first close Word and then on Mendeley Desktop go to Tools > Install MS Word Plugin.


Click OK. You are done

If after installing the Mendeley Plugin you are unable to find the toolbar, please try the following:

1. On your text processor, go to View > Toolbars and select the Mendeley toolbar. You should then be able to see the buttons ‘Insert Citation‘, ‘Insert Bibliography‘, etc. You will find the Mendeley plugin in Word’s References ribbon.
2. Try and insert a citation by clicking on ‘Insert Citation’ and a dialog window will appear. You can either type in the title of the reference you wish to insert, or click Go To Mendeley, and then selecting the relevant reference in your Mendeley Desktop.
3. If you click Go To Mendeley, the ‘Send Citation to Word‘ button will appear on Mendeley Desktop. Click on it to send the citation to your Word document.
4. When you are ready to insert the Bibliography, simply click on the ‘Insert Bibliography’ button.

Is simple, right?

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Angry Guy Destroys iPhones And Macs In An Apple Store In France With Steel Ball


TechNewsNation: A French man decided to vent his bad customer service experience by smashing iPhone and Macs with a steel ball. This weird incident took place in an Apple Store in France. Later, the police took the man into custody.
hat is the angriest thing that you’ve done after getting annoyed at the customer support. In an extreme situation, few of you might have yelled a bit.
But, this guy decided to take his rage to the next level. Earlier today, after getting mad over some unknown reason, a person walked into an Apple Store in Dijon, France. To everyone’s surprise, he started smashing various Apple products using a big steel ball.
In the video embedded below,
you can see the guy walking around in the store and destroying iPhones and Macs. The other customers and employees are left stunned.
If you try to measure the damage, it would be around tens of thousands of dollars.
He is heard talking in French about “consumer’s right” and how Apple handled his support case. His rage comes to an end when a security personnel interferes and escorts him outside the store, according to Le Journal .
Watch more videos:

iPhone 7 Explodes; Samsung and Apple now Producing Bombs ???


Why need a bomb when you have an iPhone.📱??
Apple has copied a feature from Samsung that nobody asked for. Following the footsteps of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, an iPhone 7 Plus has exploded while it was in transit. The owner of the phone has posted the pictures online. Apple has contacted the owner and promised a replacement phone.
Samsung and Apple are the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers. They are known to indulge into trading blows in the courtroom from time to time. After the dramatic rollback of the widespread explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aka “bomb”, the latest blast news comes from Apple. It looks like the recently released iPhone 7 decided to copy this feature from Samsung.
This alleged incident of iPhone 7 explosion was reported by Reddit user “kroopthesnoop” who posted a picture of an exploded matte black iPhone 7 Plus. Thankfully, this phone didn’t explode during use. Instead, the charring episode occurred while the iPhone was in transit.
Redditor claims that “something happened between the factory and delivery”. He even named his post “Running a little hot.”
At this moment, the details are scarce and nothing could be said with certainty. However, looking at the burnt device, one can guess that the source of fire might be an explosion in the battery.
An Apple executive contacted the owner and asked for more details. Later, the executive told that Apple will work with AT&T to send a replacement phone.

Here are some more photos of the exploded iPhone 7.

At the moment of writing this article, this is the only reported case of iPhone 7 explosion. It looks like, on this front, Samsung has managed to beat Apple, thanks to its wide array of deceased Note 7 devices.
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How to send Apps through WhatsApp, simple steps


There is a simple trick you can use to send .apk files on WhatsApp just like any other file; doc, jpeg, mp3, mp4, etc
First of all you need to have the apk file you want to send to the other person

Secondly you would need to change the file extension to .txt, to do this, go to your file manager, look for the file, press hold the file, click on rename and put .txt after the .apk

Now Go to your WhatsApp, Click on the contact you want to send it to
Click Send document
Locate the file you just added .text to


The receiver would download the app, go to file manager, locate the file received rename it by deleting the .txt infront of the .apk leaving only the filename.apk
Click done
Install…..and you are done ..
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Happy Birthday Google : Some Fun Facts About Google You Didn’t Know


Google is 18 years old. It was the day when it was launched by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. To mark the occasion, we have come up with some lesser know fun facts about the company.
28 Words:
Google’s founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page still prefer to keep home page simple and it shouldn’t exceed 28 words.

Google Loves Dogs:


Google backs bringing dogs to work and a “company dog” called Yoshka. Yoshka escorts Urs Holzle, senior VP operations and Google Fellow to the Googleplex .

Google Loves Food:


Founders said that no Googler should ever be more than 100 feet from a micro-kitchen with snacks and food.

Google Loves Goats:


Google rents goats from a company called California Grazing for mowing its lawn and other weeds at Google HQ. The operation of 200 goats good for the environment, and according to Google, it is “A lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers.”

Google Loves Star Wars:


The Google homepage can also be viewed in the language of Klingon (from Star Trek), in case the aliens attack the world and need Google to navigate through the situation at

Google Loves Dinosaurs, LEGO, Flamingos and Everything:


At Google HQ there is a T-Rex skeleton – nicknamed “Stan” after a “real” dinosaur. There is also a to the scale replica of the SpaceShipOne, Android-themed models, pink flamingos, a large LEGO man, Google-coloured phone boxes and grown-up size ball pits.

First Tweet:


Google’s first ever Tweet in February 2009 was: “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.” In binary it means: “I’m feeling lucky.”
I am feeling Lucky:
“I am feeling Lucky” button is rarely used by users but a survey shows that users like to have this button on homepage.

The First Google Doodle:


The first Google doodle was a Burning Man symbol. Founders went to the Burning Man festival in 1998 and added the doodle to let users know they were away from the office that weekend.
elgooG, The Backward Search:
Google is written backwards as elgooG, you know you could search backwards too at
When is my birthday???
Last, but not the least, Google is always so confused about its own birthday . Funny isn’t it

Google to Launch ‘Andromeda OS’ — An Android-Chrome OS Hybrid


Google’s long-rumored Android-Chrome hybrid operating system is expected to debut at the company’s upcoming hardware event on October 4.
The company has been working to merge the two OSes for roughly 3 years with a release planned for 2017, but an “early version” to show things off to the world in 2016.
Android + Chrome = Andromeda
The hybrid OS, currently nicknamed ‘Andromeda,’ could be come on a new Pixel laptop as well as Huawei Nexus tablet from Google by Q3 2017, if not sooner, according to new leaks from
9to5Google and Android Police .
Android + Chrome = Andromeda
The laptop, officially codenamed “Bison” and nicknamed “Pixel 3,” is a reference to the “Chromebook Pixel,” but since this edition is not running Chrome operating system, one can not call it a “Chromebook” anymore.
Andromeda is separate from the company’s Fuchsia OS, which is focused on Internet-of-Thing (IoT) devices. Moreover, the report also makes it clear that Andromeda “is [an entirely] distinct effort from Google’s current campaign to bring Android apps to Chromebooks.” So, don’t get confused.
Rumored specs suggest Bison is expected to pack a 12.3-inch display with a ‘tablet’ mode and stylus and reportedly powered by an Intel M3 processor like Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, or an Intel Core i5.
Bison is expected to have two models with 32GB or 128GB of internal storage, and 8GB or 16GB of RAM.
Other features could include two USB-C ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers, a backlit keyboard, quad microphones, a glass trackpad, and a battery that lasts around 10 hours.
For more details about the new hybrid operating system, you need to wait for two more weeks for Google’s October 4 event that is set to launch a Google’s new hardware product line, including ” Google Wi-Fi ” router, Google Home, the refreshed 4K-capable Chromecast rumored to be called Chromecast Ultra, and a “Daydream” VR headset.

Source: The Hacker News

Teen Hacker Jailbreaks Apple iPhone 7 within 24 Hours


Tech News Nation: Not even a month has passed since the release of the Apple iPhone 7 and the iOS 10. And, a 19-year-old hacker, known as qwertyoruiop, has managed to jailbreak the iPhone 7 in just 24 hours. He tweeted the screenshot evidence of the jaibreak. However, he won’t be disclosing the jailbreak process until Apple releases the relevant patches.
ailbreaking iPhones has been there since the time of the original iPhone. In 2007, George Hotz (Geohot), an American hacker jailbroke the original iPhone. His motivation was to remove carrier restrictions from the device. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a hacker to jailbreak your iOS device. We have advanced, easy-to-use and completely untethered jailbreaks.
Luca Todesco (qwertyoruiop), has managed to jailbreak the new iPhone 7 . It took him around 24 hours to exploit some bugs and vulnerabilities in the iOS 10 running on the iPhone 7. He was able to gain “root” privileges on the Apple device.
“They definitely made my life harder,” he told Motherboard. “The iPhone 7 is a step in the right direction. Obviously, it’s not 100 percent secure—like nothing else is.”
Todesco won’t be revealing how he jailbroke the iPhone 7 until Apple releases a patch for the vulnerabilities. He is planning to submit his finding in Apple’s bug bounty program. Till then, he will work on making the jailbreak smoother.


It is believed that Todesco is the first person to have successfully jailbroken the iPhone 7 but other people will figure out the method soon. It’s possible, some people might’ve done that already but they haven’t revealed their findings.
“I don’t but given his track record, I wouldn’t be surprised,” an Apple spokesperson said when asked if Apple knows whether Todesco’s jailbreak is legit.
Todesco is not a first-time jailbreaker. He is a renowned and trusted name in the bug hunter community. In August, he jailbroke the iPhone 6S running iOS 9.3.4 and tweeted the image.
Watch video:
— Via Motherboard
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Wow, Turkish Company Creates Transformers Out Of A BMW 3-Series


Tech News Nation: This is amazing..
The famous Autobots from the Transformers movie series are real now. A Turkish company named Letvision has developed its own transformers known as Letrons. ANTIMON is the first one which is actually a BMW 3-Series.
e thought Transformers were only confined to the movie series. But a Turkish company, Letvision, actually went ahead to fulfill the dream of millions of people around the world. To design a car that transforms into an Optimus Prime brother.
Letvision calls their family of transformers as Letrons. The first member of the Letrons family is ANTIMON which is actually a BMW 3-Series. It was completed in 8 months by a team of 12 engineers and 4 supporting technicians.
Watch Video:
As expected, the ANTIMON is not that much advanced as the transformers we have seen in the movies. It can be converted from a normal car to a standing Autobot with movable hands but you can’t enjoy a ride in the modified car. The car can be driven using a remote controller but it’s not fit for normal traffic conditions. The car has an electric engine, the creators of Letrons hint the possibility of a driveable version in the future.
It is not that the ANTIMON is a standing structure of the metal. It has interaction abilities allowing him to perform speech and movement in real time. It can move its fingers, wrists, neck, and hands.
The Letrons can’t walk, as of now. The company is expecting appropriate funding to carry on further research to give walking abilities to the Letrons. Also, ANTIMON isn’t alone, there are other models they’ve been working on, namely, BIZMUT, ARGON, WOLFRAM, and TANFAL.
Read more at their official website .

Source : Letvison