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Intel Accepts That Moore’s Law Is Finally Dead, Drops Its ‘Tick-Tock’ Model Of Chip Making.

Gordon-Moore-from-video-on-Moores-Law-intelTech News Nation: Realising the limitations of Moore’s Law and its 24 months timeframe to double the processing speed, Intel has decided to fundamentally change its manufacturing process. Ditching the ‘tick-tock’ model, Intel has now adopted ‘process, architecture, optimization’ model that follows a new 30 months schedule.

Earlier this year, the science journal Nature wrote that for the first time, in March, the worldwide semiconductor industry’s R&D plans won’t revolve around Moore’s Law. Many experts predicted the same and called 2016 the year when Moore’s Law dies. Well, the time has finally come when the law is going to become a dead to letter to everyone.Moore’s Law has been wavering for some time and the latest blow came in the form of Intel’s announcement that it’s going to change how it makes computer processors. Thanks to the same law, over the past years, the power of our computing devices has doubled every two years. However, Intel has admitted that it’s finding it hard to continue to shrink transistors and circuits on its upcoming family of processors. Thus, the company is dropping its ‘tick-tock’ manufacturing approach.

What is Intel’s Tick-Tock Model of chip making?

Every other year, Intel looks to advance the manufacturing process technology with ‘tick’ cycle. It delivers the expected benefits of Moore’s Law to the users by increasing the transistor density.

In the alternating ‘tock’ cycle, Intel uses previous ‘tick’ cycle’s manufacturing technology and introduces the new processor microarchitecture. It allows the company to improve on the front of energy efficiency, performance, and other integrated capabilities. In simpler words, Intel releases a chip based on a new microarchitecture one year, followed by a new chip based on the same microarchitecture but with enhanced capabilities.

intel tick tock evolution

Intel has realised that a plan to continue following Moore’s Law would be like building a house of cards in the earthquake. So, marking a red letter day in its history, Intel has announced that it will slow down the rate at which it shrinks its chips.

As its ‘tock-tock’ methodology is a bit under weather, Intel has decided to move on to a new manufacturing approach called ‘process, architecture, optimization’ and it’ll follow a new 30 months schedule.

The chipmaker has already implemented this new approach in its current line of 14nm processors. Earlier, Intel planned to release two 14nm chips — Broadwell and Skylake, followed by a 10nm chip called Cannonlake in 2016. However, the company announced that it’s delaying Cannonlake until 2017. Instead, the company will release another 14nm chip called Kaby Lake in late 2016.

It doesn’t mean that our devices will stop getting faster and better. Intel says that it’ll deliver performance upgrades between different generations of transistors by making improvements in the way these chips are designed.

For the optimistic crowd, Moore’s Law isn’t dead. Instead, it has been redefined. When the term was first coined in 1965, Moore gave a timeframe of 12 months, that was eventually extended to 18 months and then to 30 months. If we apply the new approach, our gadgets will now see the improvements every 30 months. We’ll have to wait — just a little longer.



Galaxy S7 Edge Teardown Shows Samsung’s New Phones Are Harder To Repair Than Ever.


galaxy s6 edge teardownTech News Nation:, the web portal that says ‘Repair is Noble’ gives an insight to Samsung’s 2016 flagship latest phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the latest descendant of Samsung’s S-series, through a teardown.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the latest new face from the reputed tech firm, it is in fact the curved screen variant of Galaxy S7, announced in Feb 2016 and released on March 11. And the fact that the curved tech is quite popular these days, perhaps, inspired, a wiki-based site that aims to revolutionize the current era of DIYs by turning the people into ‘Fixers’ and teaching them to repair almost everything that they own, to give it a teardown and get a deep insight into the tech and its hidden secrets.iFixit partners with the world’s largest recycler of electronic waste in the world – Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) – and they together make it possible to repair anything and keep the most out of landfills. iFixit has a special corner for teardowns where they provide a look inside a device, their website’s teardown column already features tech classics like Mac Book air, Surface Book, Apple’s smart keypad, Samsung’s smart pencil and so on, while we were talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge teardown. Here are a few interesting findings out of this teardown:


  • The camera bump is noticeably reduced as the aftermath of extra 0.7mm of thickness on the S7 Edge.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are considerably similar in their design and configuration- they feature the same camera, flash, general construction and even the antenna positions and that makes one muse if only their names make a difference but…
  • The curve boasting Edge is actually a bit less curvy from the behind than its predecessor S7. iFixit points out that the S7’s back mimics the Edge’s front with just a curvaceous rear panel glass.
  • The battery isn’t trapped under the motherboard like it was on S7.
  • The S7 Edge is powered by a massive 3600mAh battery, that is, 20% more capacity than the 3000mAh battery found in the S7 and 30% more than the 2750mAh battery found in the iPhone 6s Plus. Seems as if Samsung got serious over its battery life.
  • The S7 Edge’s highly talked of “liquid cooling thing” is just a gimmick. iFixit found that the Edge’s tiny heat pipe was much similar to the one they found in their Samsung Galaxy S7’s teardown.

The final verdict of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge teardown:

  • Many components of Edge being modular can be replaced independently.
  • The battery, unlike its ancestral S6 Edge, can be removed easily without having to oust the motherboard erstwhile.
  • In case you need to replace the USB port, you have to remove the display.
  • The strong adhesive makes it difficult to get a smooth entry into its belly.
  • You can’t replace the glass without destroying the display.

And thus, its reparability score is 3 out of 10 where 10 happens to be the easiest. In fact, the entire S-line of Samsung is up to this only. The crux, however, is — this edgier sibling of S7 is just display deep edgy and there’s little new in it.

Well, iFixit has much more than to teach you, bestows a platform to open up, experiment, explore and let the world know about your findings, your discoveries. You can even create a repair guide, teardown or a device page and let the world know of your technical intellect.

So, keep looking, keep trying, experiment, explore and do tell us.

How Apple Got Slapped For Making Fun Of People Using Older Windows PCs.


apple makes fun of windows pc old calls sadTech News Nation: At its iPhone SE launch event, Apple compared its new iPad with older Windows computers and called it a perfect PC-replacement. In this process, Apple’s marketing VP Phill Schiller went on to call the old Windows PCs “sad”. As a result, the company had to face widespread criticism in media and social networks.

Yesterday, at its Spring Event 2016, Apple launched its cheapest iPhone yet in the form of iPhone SE. As usual, the Apple event attracted its fair share of controversy. While Apple launched some new and shiny products, the it didn’t refrain itself from making fun of Windows users.

So, here’s how it happened — At the event, everything was going fine. Apple’s worldwide marketing VP Phill Schiller said, “The majority of people coming to the iPad Pro are coming from a Windows PC. This is an amazing statistic.” Then, he took a moment to take a jab at the Windows users.

“There are over 600 million PCs in use today that are over five years old. This is really sad. These people could really benefit from an iPad Pro,” he said.

While Apple likes to launch multiple iDevices in a single year, there are a number of reasons why people choose not to buy a new PC. Talking about these reasons, the first and foremost one is the cost factor. There are so many people out there who can’t afford to buy a new PC. Instead, they choose to upgrade their PCs with new components and extend its life.

This insensitive comment made by Apple VP also contradicts company’s environment-friendly initiative. While “older” desktop PCs are upgradable machines, Apple constantly lures the users into buying new gadgets,

Well, Schiller is a marketing guy and it’s his job to make such statements to impress Apple shareholders. Whatever the case may be, the Twitter users were quick to slap Apple:

What Is Tree Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tree Topology


tree network topologyTech News Nation: Tree Topology derives its roots from bus and star topology. Even though a tree topology is not so commonly used network topology, it is still followed in certain circumstances when scalability or hierarchical communication setup is needed between two networks. Tree topology is the next topic we are going to discuss in our network tutorial guide. Know and learn more about the tree topology.

After covering bus topology, star topology, ring topology and mesh topology under different types of network topologies in the previous articles, the time has come when we move forward to the tree network topology.

What is tree topology?

A tree topology is a combination of a star network topology and a bus topology. In tree topology, nodes of the underlying bus network topology are replaced with a complete star topology.

There are certain special cases where tree topology is more effective:

  • Communication between two networks
  • A network structure which requires a root node, intermediate parents node and leaf nodes (just like we see in an n-tree) or a network structure which exhibits three level of hierarchy because two level of hierarchy is already displayed in the star topology.

Advantages of tree topology:

  • Scalable as leaf nodes can accommodate more nodes in the hierarchical chain.
  • A point to point wiring to the central hub as each intermediate node of a tree topology represents a node in the bus topology
  • Other hierarchical networks are not affected if one of them gets damaged
  • Easier maintenance and fault finding

Disadvantages of tree topology:

  • Huge cabling is needed
  • A lot of maintenance is needed
  • backbone forms the point of failure.

Steve Wozniak: “I Invented A Mac Virus But Destroyed It Because It Was So Scary”.



steve wozniak invented virus for mac computersTech News Nation:  Recently Steve Wozniak dropped by Conan Christopher O’Brien, an American comedian, writer and television host, at a late-night talk show on the cable channel TBS. While discussing the FBI case with Apple, he shared one of the most interesting stories about writing mac viruses back in his early days.

Recently, Conan Christopher O’Brien invited Steve Wozniak from Apple over a late-night talk show on the cable channel TBS. Apple’s ongoing battle with FBI over phone encryption was contemporaneous that time so it was very obvious that they would talk about the most improtant fight for data security.Steve Wozniak while discussing those matters revealed an interesting story about mac virus:

A couple of times in my life, I wrote something that could be a virus, that could have spread itself on Macintosh computers forever, and each time, I threw away every bit of code I’d written, I was so scared inside. You do not want to let something like that out.

In this case where FBI is demanding that Apple must unlock the San Bernadino shooting victim’s iPhone and the biggest tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are backing Apple against FBI.

Here is the video where Steve Wozniak talks about the mac virus he created:


How To download w3schools offline version for pc and mobile.


Steps for W3Schools Offline Version Download 2014

  •  First of all download the compressed file from the link for 2014 version Click here.
  • The file is about 2 MB in size and will become 100 MB after extracting. Use any compression tool like Winrar to extract it.
  •  Now go to folder W3schools Offline Version > http://www.w3schools.comand then open thedefault file.
  •  This will open the W3Schools offline version website. Make sure you have any browser installed in your computer.

download w3schools offline version full website 2015

FREE download w3schools offline version latest:

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List Of Tutorials :

HTML & CSS : download w3schools offline version 2015

  • » HTML Tutorial
  • » HTML5 Tutorial
  • » CSS Tutorial
  • » CSS3 Tutorial
  • » Bootstrap Tutorial

Web Building : download w3schools offline version 2015

  • » Web Building
  • » Web Statistics
  • » Web Certification

Browser Scripting : download w3schools offline version 2015

  • » JavaScript Tutorial
  • » jQuery Tutorial
  • » jQuery Mobile Tutorial
  • » AngularJS Tutorial
  • » AJAX Tutorial
  • » JSON Tutorial
  • » Google API Tutorial

Server Scripting : download w3schools offline version 2015

  • » PHP Tutorial
  • » SQL Tutorial
  • » ASP Tutorial
  • » VBScript Tutorial
  • » ASP.NET Tutorial
  • » ASP.NET WebPages Tutorial
  • » ASP.NET Razor Tutorial
  • » ASP.NET MVC Tutorial
  • » ASP.NET WebForms Tutorial
  • » Web Services Tutorial

XML Languages :

download w3schools offline version 2015

  • » XML Tutorial
  • » DTD Tutorial
  • » XML DOM Tutorial
  • » XSLT Tutorial
  • » XPath Tutorial
  • » XQuery Tutorial
  • » Schema Tutorial
  • » RSS Tutorial
  • » XSL-FO Tutorial
  • » SVG Tutorial

Some Instruction :

  • Download W3Schools Offline Latest 2015 Version – Click to Download
  • After downloading the file open the downloaded file location and Extract the W3Schools Offline Zipped file using Winrar or Winzip.
  • Must Use 7-zip or winrar For Extract .
  • extract it to separate folder and open index.html file
  • enjoy .

Windows Defender Download And How To Turn On Windows Defender?


Tech News Nation: Windows defender is the default antivirus for Windows 10. Know about its different features like Update, History, Scan options, Scan settings, Exclusions etc. These Windows Defender settings will help you customize this antivirus more according to your need.

What is Windows Defender?

Windows 10 has already a built-in real-time antivirus named Windows Defender. It automatically runs in the background, ensuring all Windows users have a baseline level of antivirus protection. Windows 7, which always complained to install antivirus, Windows 10 does not do the same. If you are still interested in other Antivirus, you can take a look at a list of free antivirus for Windows 10 for 2016.


Windows Defender download:

You do not need to perform Windows defender download because it is already integrated into Windows 10. You can instead activate and use this Microsoft defender to work as an antivirus for Windows 10. Here are the steps on-

How To Turn On Windows Defender?

  • Search for Windows Defender on Search bar on Windows 10 Taskbar. Once it appears in the search result, click on it.

WIndows defender

  • Once the Windows defender app opens up, click on the ‘Update’ and under the Update tab, you will see ‘Update definitions’. This will update the latest definitions of virus and spyware from Microsoft.

Windows defender update

  • Under the History tab, you can look for the details of Detected items, allowed items and Quarantined items.

WIndows defender history

Manual Scan or Custom Scan in Windows Defender:

Windows Defender gives you three scan options:

  • Full Scan
  • Quick Scan
  • Custom Scan

The Full scan might take too long; Quick scan might not be that effective so you might want to go for the Custom scan or Manual scan. So, here are the steps for that-

  • Select ‘Custom‘ under Scan options in Windows defender. And click on Scan now.
  • After you click, Windows Defender will ask you for the folders and files of your choice in a pop to select. You can select those files and folders for the custom scan. It looks something like this-

Custom scan Windows Defender

Windows Defender Settings:

Under the Windows defender Settings, you can manage many other settings of this antivirus for Windows 10 like Real-time protection, Cloud-based protection, Automatic sample submission etc.

  • Click on the Settings on the right-hand top corner in the Windows Defender.

Windows defender Settings

  • Update and Security‘ option will open up in the Settings

Update and security Windows defender

  • As you can see in the picture above, the options like Real-time Protection, Cloud-Based protection, Automatic sample submission etc. Turn on these features if you think you need them.
  • After you turn on these features, go on the Windows update on the left tabbed Windows at the left corner tab and click that.
  • Now click Check for Updates.

Windows update

  • If your Windows 10 is up to date, it will show a message corresponding to the same, else you will see a list of the files for Windows 10 update. In those files, you look out for any particular file related to Windows Defender and update your Windows.

Manage Exclusions under Windows Defender:

Sometimes, it might happen that Windows Defender shows some file to be malicious and you think otherwise. To prevent that file from being marked as malicious, you need to Add Exclusion under Windows Defender settings. Here are the steps to manage exclusions under Windows Defender:

  • Go to ‘Windows defender’ tab in the left pane menu, click on it, scroll to the bottom when you see Exclusions heading. Under Exclusion, click on ‘Add an Exclusion’

Add an Exclusion WIndows Defender

  • Once you click, ‘Add an exclusion’, you will see various options to exclude a file, folder, file extension and processes. If you want to utilise these options, you can add different exclusions here.

How to add an exclusion in Windows Defender

And now you are done and good to go.